How to download any song from

I’ve had my doubts about posting this information because quite honestly I’m a big fan of and I don’t want to see them get in trouble and/or close. That being said, I suppose it can’t hurt that much to put this information out there. Here’s a quick and simple way to download any song that you can play on

  1. Use Firefox (it’s not required but we all know that when you use IE god will kill kittens).
  2. Go to (duh) and find a song that you want. songhover
  3. Click the name of the song to begin playing it.
  4. When you hover over the name of the song you should see something like this in the status bar:**Artist**/**Song**.mp3  (**Artist** and **Song* obviously replaced with the appropriate information). Click on the image to the right if you don’t understand what I just said.
  5. Now you can’t simply right click and “Save link as”. You actually can’t right click at all. So how do you get the MP3 file?
  6. Method 1 – no tweaking involved:
    1. Open a new tab in Firefox (control + t).
    2. Click + hold the Artist – Song Name and drag this onto the new tab you just created.
    3. That’s it! The song should not start to download, but you’ll need to rename it because it’ll save as “fetch.mp3”.
  7. Method 2 – tweaking the Firefox settings:
    Click for full size

    1. In Firefox goes to Tools –> Options
    2. Go to the “Content” tab
    3. Find “Enable Javascript”. To the right of this you will see “Advanced” click on this.
    4. Find “Disable or replace context menus”. Uncheck this box.
    5. Click “OK” and then “OK” again.
    6. Now you can right click on the Artist – Song Name and select “Save link as”.
    7. That’s it! You can now just save the MP3 file we saw in the status bar earlier.
    8. Important Note: You may want to re-enable the “Disable or replace context menus” option because many web applications use this functionality.

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane…

Ok, I’m not really flying but I will be headed back down to Brooklyn to visit a special someone this weekend. Yeah I know I don’t post much any more. So shoot me! Just been distracted by a girl, and have also just been trying to relax a bit this summer before my final semester of undergrad kicks off in September. I won’t make any promises to post more often because I’m quite positive that would just be a lie anyway.

Interesting Links 5.30.08

  • TimesMachine – New York Times – TimesMachine can take you back to any issue from Volume 1, Number 1 of The New-York Daily Times, on September 18, 1851, through The New York Times of December 30, 1922.
  • SuperLame! Comic Word Balloon Engine – Simply add speech bubbles to photos you upload. Useless? Sure, but fun.
  • Introduction to CSS3 – Part 4: User Interface – CSS3 brings some great new properties relating to resizing elements, cursors, outlining, box layout and more.
  • Introduction to CSS3 – Part 5: Multiple Columns – CSS3 introduces a new module known, appropriately, as multi-column layout. It allows you to specify how many columns text should be split down into and how they should appear.
  • Design Critique: Blog Platforms – Most designers are familiar with the relative pros and cons of different publishing tools – but what about the websites of the blog platforms themselves?
  • TinySong – type a song, get a link, share the full song with your friends. It’s really that simple. Works great for those “have you heard this song?” moments.
  • Adobe Labs – Adobe has released the first betas for Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4, and Soundbooth CS4. Note: betas only work for 2 days unless you have an existing CS3 serial number.
  • Fixing Twitter – I am getting sick of talk about twitter and it’s scalability problems and also frankly unqualified people slagging the service for it’s unreliability and also coming up with stupid ignorant answers to how it should be fixed.
  • Read at Work – it looks like you’re being productive, but you’re definitely not. Kind of funny, but I can’t imagine actually using it.

Interesting Links 5.16.08

A New Chapter: Things to do this Summer

I thought I’d briefly update what I plan to accomplish this summer. The semester is finally finally done and over with (see my recent post regarding the ridiculous amount of things I needed to finish in the past 3 weeks).

  • Reinstall Windows Home Server (WHS). Never mind, not going to reinstall.
  • Read “Head First SQL”.
  • Read “A History of God”. Never mind, this looks to be quite boring.
  • Read “The Hobbit or There and Back Again”. DONE
  • Have some type of relaxing vacation.
  • Decide if I will keep my web hosting.
  • Reinstall XP on my desktop because Vista sucks (even with SP1).
  • Rewrite my current blog theme from scratch (it’s using tables right now…ick!). Never mind, not applicable any more.
  • Update my laptop to Vista SP1 (why not reinstall XP? don’t ask). DONE
  • Work related: apparently I’m going to be learning Visual Basic this summer. We’ll see.
  • Work related: I also may be learning Ruby on Rails (jRails specifically). We’ll see.

Interesting Links 3.7.08

I apologize, but I am far too lazy to write a blurb about each one of those links. I’ll just leave it at this: IE8 Beta 1 is a step in the right direction, TeamViewer kicks ass for remote computer support, and the 6 animals that can destroy you is hilarious to read.

Redux: Things to do when this semester is finally over

My list of “things to do once the semester is over” keeps growing in length so I thought I’d just I’d add them on:

  • Reinstall XP on my desktop because Vista sucks (even with SP1).
  • Rewrite my current blog theme from scratch (it’s using tables right now…ick!).
  • Update my laptop to Vista SP1 (why not reinstall XP? don’t ask).

Things to do when this semester is finally over.

I have all kinds of things I SHOULD do, but I think we all know that none of them will happen while the semester is in session. So, I present my list of “things to do” once this semester has ended:

  • Reinstall Windows Home Server (WHS). I still have the RC2 installed (which has long since expired).
  • Read “Head First SQL”. I purchased this over Christmas break, and then promptly never read it. Need to fix that.
  • Read “A History of God”. Again, I purchased this over Christmas break, and now I just need to read it.
  • Read “The Hobbit or There and Back Again”. I’ve had this book for YEARS, but I never got around to reading it. This Summer I will.
  • Have some type of relaxing vacation. I am not sure how financially feasible this one will be, we’ll see.
  • Decide if I will keep my web hosting. This has been on my mind for a while now. I pay for web space for no particular reason as this point. I could use one of the plethora of free hosted blogging platform (like Vox). All of my images are hosted on Flickr, and I use Twitter so much at this point that it’s a borderline addiction. We’ll see.