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I’ve had my doubts about posting this information because quite honestly I’m a big fan of and I don’t want to see them get in trouble and/or close. That being said, I suppose it can’t hurt that much to put this information out there. Here’s a quick and simple way to download any song that you can play on

  1. Use Firefox (it’s not required but we all know that when you use IE god will kill kittens).
  2. Go to (duh) and find a song that you want. songhover
  3. Click the name of the song to begin playing it.
  4. When you hover over the name of the song you should see something like this in the status bar:**Artist**/**Song**.mp3  (**Artist** and **Song* obviously replaced with the appropriate information). Click on the image to the right if you don’t understand what I just said.
  5. Now you can’t simply right click and “Save link as”. You actually can’t right click at all. So how do you get the MP3 file?
  6. Method 1 – no tweaking involved:
    1. Open a new tab in Firefox (control + t).
    2. Click + hold the Artist – Song Name and drag this onto the new tab you just created.
    3. That’s it! The song should not start to download, but you’ll need to rename it because it’ll save as “fetch.mp3”.
  7. Method 2 – tweaking the Firefox settings:
    Click for full size

    1. In Firefox goes to Tools –> Options
    2. Go to the “Content” tab
    3. Find “Enable Javascript”. To the right of this you will see “Advanced” click on this.
    4. Find “Disable or replace context menus”. Uncheck this box.
    5. Click “OK” and then “OK” again.
    6. Now you can right click on the Artist – Song Name and select “Save link as”.
    7. That’s it! You can now just save the MP3 file we saw in the status bar earlier.
    8. Important Note: You may want to re-enable the “Disable or replace context menus” option because many web applications use this functionality.

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  1. Thanks! Worked for me, only thing is: I had to start playing the song first. Also, I preferred the second option that involved tweaking.

  2. You can just drag & drop the Artist – Title next to your last tab.And you can full download a playlist with DownThemAll! ;)I relayed it on my blogThanks for the tip.

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