Interesting Links 3.7.08

I apologize, but I am far too lazy to write a blurb about each one of those links. I’ll just leave it at this: IE8 Beta 1 is a step in the right direction, TeamViewer kicks ass for remote computer support, and the 6 animals that can destroy you is hilarious to read.

Tale of a News Anchor

In no subtle way can one deny he is fake
He will do or say anything just for the sake.
His opinion is wavering it meanders from side to side
He is no leader, just a weak member of the pride.
He blindly follows the others like a sheep
Headed towards the ledge like a lemming about to leap.
Unattractive, bald, short in stature and in mind
Surely an original idea in his head you won’t find.
His name isn’t important, but I think it might be Bob
Though you’ll soon forget because he is just one of the mob.
If you were to tell him the sky was falling
He wouldn’t ask why he would just start calling.
His friends, his family, and those he loved
He’d do all of this just because it came from above.
All of this misguided information comes from a sly Fox
Which is supposed to be a source of truth playing on the box.
They create lies, half truths, and twists of reality
Leading to a doomed march towards another fatality.
These acts are criminal, but who is accountable?
No one listens to logic, and finding the truth seems insurmountable.
Until we demand integrity, we must endure this turmoil
Even though most of us know this war was really about the oil.
I very rarely write things that rhyme. Rhyming just usually isn’t my thing, but I had to write this for a class and I think it actually turned out pretty well.

Interesting Links: 8.5.07

  • The Best Geek Quotes, Sayings, and Phrases: #1 – There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.
  • HARLEM-13-GIGAPIXELS.COM: 13 gigapixel image taken in Harlem, New York City
  • a Grayspace Poster Gallery: This gallery mostly consists of Polish posters designed since 1940
  • FileHamster: FileHamster is a version tracking application for developers, graphic artists and other content creators that frequently modify existing files.
  • Blueprint: A CSS Framework: Blueprint is a CSS framework, which aims to cut down on your CSS development time. It gives you a solid CSS foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, and even a stylesheet for printing.

Yet again, this is what happens when I don’t have time to blog during the week. The Geek quotes are funny, the Harlem image is pretty cool, the Polish posters are interesting to look at, FileHamster looks very useful during my upcoming college semester, and Blueprint…well, I don’t know how I feel about that one just yet.

Security at my company

So the security at the company I am doing this internship for is abysmal. When I say abysmal I am actually being nice.
A quick example, I called IT this morning to install MS Access 97. The guy remoted into my computer, asked me to log out so he could enable my account as an administration. I log back in, and the real fun begins. He knows perfectly well that I am sitting right at the computer, but he still does everything I am about to tell you.
He goes to “run” and types in the full network location for a folder that happens to contain all kinds of software that the company uses. We’re talking things from AutoCAD, Nero, Maple, etc to Microsoft Office. So obviously I am a bit interested when I see the contents of this folder. He then goes into the “MS Office 97” folder and opens a document called (I kid you not) “Office 97 serial”. So here is the serial number for Office 97 sitting on the screen in front of me. Yes, I know Office 97 is nothing exciting, but the point is that he was flashing the serial for anything around.
So continuing …he installs Access 97 for me and then promptly says “ok, everything looks ok, have a good day, goodbye”. Yes, he hung up that quickly. Now at this point, I was shocked. Not only is 1. the serial number still open on my desktop, 2. the directory of applications (each with a serial in the directory, I checked) still open on my desktop, 3. the full network path for this folder of applications is still in my “run” field, BUT HE ALSO LEFT ME WITH ADMIN PRIVILEGES. I felt like calling this guy back and laughing at him, but instead I decided I didn’t feel like getting fired today.
It’s scary and frightening how poor the security is inside this company. I can only hope, and god do I hope considering what is it they/I do, that security to the outside world is drastically better than this.
p.s. I won’t say where it is that I am working because I can only guess they’d not like me telling the world how crappy their internal security is.

The Real "Fire Fox"

Rare Red Panda, or “Fire Fox”

This is the “other panda”, not the easily recognizable black-and-white kind. Red Panda is cuter than a cat, has a luxurious tail, resembles both a fox and a racoon, and is considered by many to be a living fossil. Only 2,500 individual animals can be found around the world, most in Asia (in Tibet), in well-known zoos, and a “select” few as fashionable Japanese pets. In China the Red Panda is also sometimes known as “Fire Fox”, a familiar name to everyone who uses the internet.

I just thought everyone should see this, in case they haven’t seen it before. I present to you, the real Fire Fox. I like the fact that the article describes him as having “a luxurious tail”. I thought that was pretty funny. Ain’t he cute?

'Daily Show' mocks Cheney's 'secret secrets'

‘Daily Show’ mocks Cheney’s ‘secret secrets’

“Dick Cheney exists neither in the executive branch nor the legislative, yet simultaneously in both,” ‘Daily Show’ correspondent John Oliver adds. “He is neither man nor beast, yet has elements of the twain. He is at once everything and nothing, substance without form, shape without motion, time without reason… he is the Highlander.”

This is really funny. Unfortunately, I can’t quite track down the info to embed the video. So check the link for the video.

Democrats Plan to Cut Cheney Out of Executive Funding Bill

Democrats plan to cut Cheney out of executive funding bill

On Thursday, Emanuel suggested that if Cheney feels his office is not part of the executive branch “he should return the salary the American taxpayers have been paying him since January 2001, and move out of the home for which they are footing the bill.”

Really quite funny. What a funny response to such a ridiculously stupid claim made by Dick. I really truly hope we impeach this ass hat. I don’t know who is worse, him or Bush. Both of them need to to be impeached and tried for war crimes, but it’ll be a fight to see who deserves to go first.