Twitter Posts for 2008-02-18

  • exhausted, and it’s definitely time for bed. g’night all #
  • I find it amusing that 40 feels like a Spring day …I am just thrilled all of the ice is finally melting. #
  • Is it time for baseball yet? Please? #
  • ESPN rates the Red Sox as a "B" for this season. How do bring back the entire world series champion team and only get rated a "B"? #
  • this mouse has a mind of it’s own, it’s moving by itself…so odd. #
  • Definitely just had my ass handed to me on that test. Wow, that was rough. #
  • I hope someone can make a half way decent video game version of Magic: The Gathering…I’d buy that. #
  • I take that back …apparently I didn’t do too poorly on that test. score! #