Twitter Posts for 2008-02-17

  • had some coffee, watched a little Sportcenter, and now it’s time to begin another day of homework #
  • doing some web work for my office. all kinds of small changes to make. #
  • We have a rather refreshing 37*F rain/sleet/slush falling right now….because clearly we needed more ice to cover everything. #
  • Obama – "Just Words?" ….he has such an amazing writer. #
  • (late) lunch, and some more studying. definitely thinking about sitting in front of the fire with some tea this afternoon #
  • Did RTM just break in Gmail (again) for anyone else? #
  • Google better not do something stupid like block RTM’s integration just because they’re going to offer a task list also…that’d be uncool #
  • scratch that – RTM is working fine inside Gmail …my ISP had a hiccup for a few minutes. #
  • Any coders want to play around with Heroku? (online app creation). I can invite you, drop me a DM or an @ #