Twitter Posts for 2007-09-22

  • what a long day, I’m exhausted #
  • coffee, office work, homework, dog walk? #
  • This is what happens Pirate Bay sues you #
  • returning my iPod touch for one that doesn’t have a crappy screen #
  • sweet, so I wiped my iPod Touch because I was going to return it, but now I have to wait until at least Monday…wonderful. #
  • I am feeling remarkably unmotivated today. It’s beautiful outside, and I am stuck inside doing homework. Ick! #
  • back after a nice long dog walk…dinner time #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-21

  • Critical PDF zero-day bug. #
  • Not such a fan of class events on a Friday night. No other night of the week worked? Really? #
  • Ok …I’m hungry. Grr, nothing to eat until 5:30 though… #
  • interesting (and confusing) database related issues…just a normal day at work. #
  • feeling remarkably unmotivated this afternoon. Hopefully it’ll be 5:30 next time I look at the clock #
  • Ok…I need something to keep me busy for the next 2 hours. Otherwise I will likely go insane while staring at the clock. #
  • yeah Ok, it’s time to go …. 5:10 is close enough right?> #
  • time for this stupid poetry thing for class, how fun #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-20

  • watching the Red Sox and Blue Jays game #
  • Early to bed sounds like a great plan #
  • lunch, dog walk, class #
  • wonderful, now I have an hour I kill before class starts. Oh well, I guess I can try to be productive. #
  • did I say I’d be productive? Yeah that didn’t happen. Oh well. #
  • Well the hot girl’s got a boyfriend, who’s surprised (I do not raise my hand) #
  • Windows Live Search v2.0 is live … very minimal, I love it! #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-19

  • Be sure to update Firefox to v2.0.0.7 (you’ll get a popup tonight or tomorrow anyways). #
  • Lotus Symphony – not bad, but it’s slow as all hell. #
  • listening to Army of the Pharaohs – Ritual of Battle (a week early)…um booyah! #
  • Anyone try Twitternotes yet? I am always hesitant to just give up my Twitter login info to some random site #
  • Zune 2 images confirmed as legit. 10/16 release? #
  • starting the download for Hellgate London … only 3.7GB more to go #
  • Ah yes, Pirate Day is almost upon us. #
  • I seriously think I hate Eric Gagne. Why the hell does he suck so bad now? #
  • I refuse to talk like a pirate today, but feel free indulge yourself. #
  • Things not to say on Pirate Day… #
  • Having REALLY bad anxiety today. I hate these days. #
  • Never try to convert a drawing on a white board into a powerpoint slide…it sucks #
  • really not feeling well today, I feel like I SUPER antsy. Is it 5:30 yet? #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-18

  • shower, dog walk, class #
  • Team Fortress 2 is ready to play… #
  • I really need to STP being so freaking early for things. How many hours of my life have wasted? #
  • I hate when they don’t offer full text for a journal article. That really annoys me in this day in age. #
  • waiting for Lit Types to start. I already feel bored though, this is not a good sign. #
  • Why is MS not using silverlight for their own website? It baffles the mind… #
  • delicious dinner, time for some homework and the Red Sox game #
  • Microsoft is nervous about Open Office? #
  • Lotus Symphony? Anyone tried it yet? #
  • oh Java, how I loathe you. #
  • @tmarkiewicz : Do you actually trust these sites with your financial info? #
  • @tmarkiewicz : Very true. I guess I am just paranoid these days. (for good reason) #
  • @Aubs : I’d be offedned if I was you. You look much prettier than Fergie. She was definitely hit by the ugly stick. #
  • @tmarkiewicz : So which do you prefer? Mint or Wasabe? #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-17

  • game on. Game 3 of Red Sox vs. Yankees…Shilling vs. Clemens #
  • oh Red Sox nation, cheering “Roger…Roger” too funny! #
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is insanely good, and he’s only a rookie. He will definitely be something special. #
  • @brianshaler it’s just you. It’s working great for me. #
  • I have the feeling we’re going to lose this game, but they could prove me wrong. #
  • did I just call that or what? Son of a bitch… #
  • Oh well, we’re not perfect. Time for bed. #
  • Way to not tell us that we’d not have any water this morning! Very smart planning guys. #
  • campus wireless is a beautiful thing. #
  • my account (with all my special permissions) was deactivated…therefore I’m not doing much at work today. grr #
  • got my Hellgate London beta code…um, when it work done!? #
  • I forgot how boring this job is when I don’t have much to do…luckily it’s usually insanely busy. #
  • gee, way to hand me a huge project 45 minutes before I leave…oh, and don’t even give me the necessary software. Real nice. grr #
  • OK, that is a very long day (class, class, and then work). I’m tired #
  • hungry, and rather angsty (to be honest). I think someone needs a nap… #
  • It’s 7:02…I’m on the phone, on hold. Lets see how long this takes #
  • not bad, 18 minutes on the phone. grrr #
  • Well that’s stupid, access my bank account in MS Money and it enables a $10 a month recurring charge? Totally uncool… #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-16

  • iPod Touch: Jailbreak seems increasingly unlikely at this point. #
  • exhausted, definitely time for bed #
  • Tired, and it’s barely noon. Finished reading for now…time for some Sunday relaxin’ #
  • watching the Giants game (vs. Green Bay) should be a good game. #
  • Did you know that lifesavers lose their minty-ness after about 2 years? I bet you didn’t know that. #
  • anyone saying the iTouch won’t be cracked is being a bit premature #
  • GPL WordPress vs GPL Movable Type #
  • Wow, way too much garlic with dinner. #

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-15

  • Tomorrow’s high is only 56…crazy. I’m not complaining though. #
  • Dice-K isn’t looking very good tonight, this could be bad. #
  • Norwegian store sells Halo 3 2 weeks early… #
  • Cheap NYC parking joke, pretty funny #
  • Weird Jeopardy moments #
  • Dice-K has settled down (*knocks on wood*). #
  • Playing with iPhone/iPod touch Twitter web apps #
  • goin to bed, I gotta go into work bright and early tomorrow morning. #
  • Hahlo beta is very impressive. Much better than #
  • office work done, time for some homework before Red Sox vs. Yankees game 2 #
  • Damn you Adobe updater …I wasn’t kidding when I told you I didn’t want to update #
  • maybe I’m insane, but I do homework on Saturday for Mon – Wednesday …that way during the week I’m not nearly as busy #
  • lunch, a bit of cleaning, more reading before the game #
  • I really like chilly days…it makes reading a heck of a lot easier #
  • Exactly why we should impeach Bush and Cheney #
  • Gizmodo lied, the iTouch hasn’t been jailbreak’d yet. #
  • wine in hand, waiting for the Red Sox game to start #
  • he was definitely out at home plate, sorry Yanks you just got robbed #
  • @sourjayne I can always go to IKEA 🙂 #
  • rolling over the Yankees today…booyah! #
  • Hmm…what’s worse? Smudges on the touch screen, or an ugly screen protector thing? #

Exactly Why We Need to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Impeach Bush and Cheney for Violating the Constitution:

Alexander Hamilton asserted that an impeachment was warranted for “those offences which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust… as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.” And James Madison at Virginia’s ratification convention stated: “A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution.”

This is an excellent and clear break down of precisely why we need to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. It honestly makes me feel embarrassed to be an American to know that my country has not stood up against these terrorists to democracy. Yes, you heard me right. President Bush and Vice President Cheney are no better (and maybe even worse) than the same terrorists they claim to be trying to hunt down. It’s time for all Americans to stand up. Defend your country, and end this illegal war.
Just in case you needed a short list of reasons: The torture of prisoners, the detaining of people (including American citizens) without a trial, waging an illegal war, blatantly lying to the American public about said illegal war, killing thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, illegally spying on American citizen, the criminal negligence of mishandling hurricane Katrina relief…just to name a few reasons.

Twitter Posts for 2007-09-14

  • Not doing homework. I should be, but I’m not. So sue me! #
  • Windows Update: How it works. #
  • “The President tells us there isn’t enough money for ours Vets, and yet he spends $10 Billion a month in Iraq” F-ing pathetic. #
  • Black currant tea …so good it might just be illegal. #
  • Email forwarding in Hotmail finally! (I think it’s free, but don’t quote me) #
  • I really need to lay off the coffee. Headed off to health psych, then drugs and behavior, then haircut …then home to chill #
  • gonna go pick up my iPod Touch (2 weeks early) #
  • got my iPod touch…playing around with it now (obviously) #
  • writing a Tweet from iPod Touch.Pretty cool. The keyboard lags though. #
  • @matthom some of the stores have them,just call and ask #
  • Pleasantly impressed with the iPod Touch, but the shiny back was a stupid idea. #
  • um. … iBrickr might work with the iPod Touch … should I try it? #
  • Twitter on the iPod Touch lags like whoa! #
  • watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees game…it’s just as good as usual too #