Twitter Posts for 2007-07-25

  • 8.3 million copies of Harry Potter sold in 1 day…absolutely ridiculous. #
  • another day of training, but another morning of sleeping in 🙂 #
  • more fun training today… at least it’s going quickly though #
  • beautiful weather today…too bad I can’t take this afternoon off though. #
  • today’s training went faster, but still not faster enough…2 more days. #
  • finding out if they’ll let me play volleyball #
  • goin to a baseball game instead #

Twitter Posts for 2007-07-24

  • Cleaning up my mac …I have some many useless applications installed… #
  • Training sessions are really not very interesting, but I did get to sleep in this morning…that was cool. #
  • The Training consultant has effectively told us nothing of use yet…what a waste of time. #
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I haven’t actually learned anything today. #
  • Business Objects really isn’t very interesting #
  • “We’ve had 20 problems, and you’ve be completely right on 18 of them” …I received a nice compliment 🙂 #

Twitter Posts for 2007-07-23

Microsoft 'Gatineau' sneak peek

Microsoft ‘Gatineau’ sneak peek

One of the reasons we wanted to wait for our own announcement around the beta functionality is because we wanted to explain where we get our demographic data from. Beta 1 will include the ability to segment data by both age and gender buckets, so you can get more of an idea of what kind of visitors you have. Questions are already being asked on Dave’s blog about where we get this data from; the answer is that we do get this information from users’ Live ID (formerly known as Microsoft Passport) profiles, but I would stress that we get this information anonymously, and there is no use of PII (Personally Identifiable Information, such as name or e-mail address) in the product.

Sounds quite interesting, and I definitely hope to get into the private beta. Honestly, I don’t know how a stats program is really going to impress me, but I could always be proven wrong. Some leaked screenshots below
Gatineau Pic 2Gatineau Pic 4

Twitter Posts for 2007-07-21

  • I just had yet another demonstration of how painfully incapable I am of talking to an attractive girl. …grr #
  • Red Sox = grand slam biotch … ’bout time this slump ends. #
  • Professor quites on textbooks. Too expensive. I like this guy… #
  • Need to do some work for the office this morning, errands, Harry Potter book arrives 🙂 #
  • Interesting article about Health Care #
  • Relaxing, grabbing lunch, reading (hopefully) #
  • First 3rd party iPhone application created #
  • Listening brand new Common album, waiting for my book… #
  • something is seriously messed up with Firefox, 2 different computers just forgot EVERYTHING. ugh’ #
  • readying some Harry Potter 🙂 #
  • reading some Harry Potter 🙂 #

CD Album Art Gallery

I thought this was an interesting idea: I uploaded a folder that contains CD album art for all of the music that I listen to. Picasa Web Albums have a maximum of 500 images in a gallery, so this is far from all of my music, but it’s a a decent sample anyways. In my opinion the slideshow below does not do it justice, but it’s a start. To see the Web Album, and to get a better feel for the plethora of album covers view my CD Covers Web Album here.

Twitter Posts for 2007-07-20

  • Bush’s dickness just increased to a new level. Trying to kill PBS? …yeesh. #
  • Understand the C in CSS. Good article #
  • Well that was really pretty cool… Firefox just forget EVERYTHING on my laptop. ugh…. #
  • I have a new found dislike for Java…sooo slooow. #
  • First page of Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows #
  • Pirate Bay and the Torrent of Fire …too funny #
  • I have no idea how I actually made it to work early this morning. #
  • It looks like today will be busy, at least it’ll fly by then…thank god for Friday #
  • What an absolutely beautiful day outside. 70, a light breeze, and white fluffy clouds #
  • Add events to gCal using Twitter. Cool stuff #
  • If Mike Vick is guilty he should be castrated. Yes, I am serious. #
  • Firefox v3.0 UI changes. #

Twitter Posts for 2007-07-19

  • Hypocrite of the day… Al Gore. #
  • Holy shit …what a photo. Few images make you think… #
  • today I realized several of the dBs are a HUGE mess. wow…this is going to suck #
  • Dude my copy of Harry Potter shipped today! 🙂 #
  • Carbonite is in for a world of hurt. New beta allows external hard drives to be backed up. (I just added an additional 130GB to my 120GB). #
  • Really tired all of a sudden. Oh, and hungry too… #
  • Apple stealing ideas again? Me thinks so. #
  • dedicated to pimping Windows Mobile #