Become a GoogleBot to Access Any Site

Become a Googlebot, get a Free Pass

The Problem:
Sometimes you conduct some search on Google and the engine returns a number of results, but when you try to open the ones that looks the most promising you get a registration page. One thing that you can do is click on the cached content to view the page directly from Google’s cache. But what if you want to view another page from the same site, not present in google’s cache?
The Solution:
It’s evident that there are some sites that allows Google but not you. So why not disguise yourself as Google? Thats exactly what we will do by changing the browser’s user agent to Googlebot.

Check out this site for a handy tip that will let you access just about any website (including those that require you to register for an account or any other access problems. I haven’t give this a shot yet, but I have heard from several people that it does indeed work as advertised. You need to alter your settings to the following:
User Agent: Googlebot/2.1
Check out the site above to see how you can change your settings to the Googlebot user agent.

5 thoughts on “Become a GoogleBot to Access Any Site

  1. ok, i’ve done the changes of the reg, and when i do one of those tests, it shows me as using mozilia, which is what google uses, but thats good, but i cant access sites without the need to login, it still tells me to login so it doesn’t work…

  2. This trick might not work on all websites. Did you try the example sites they mention in the article? Do those sites work successfully for you?

  3. I tried, and no the “quick links” where is it, i can’t find it, and by the comments, i’m seeing i’m not the only one…
    but the first one worked, with the forum.

  4. It’s entirely possible that these sites found a way to block this “hack”. It’s been pretty popular since the article was first written, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if sites figured how to determine that these people weren’t really Googlebots. Just an idea though…I’m not sure why it doesn’t work.

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