1,000 Posts

It’s amazing the images you can find online…
Pet hats
I’ve reached 1,000 posts in just over 3 full years of blogging. (3 years, and nearly 4 months to be precise). Anyways…I figured a cute dog in a hat would be a fitting celebration, and I happen to find a picture of a freaky cat in a hat to boot!

Interesting Links: 5.25.07

  • Google-Dell browser tool ‘spyware,’ charges OpenDNS founder -Calling something spyware or ad ware these days is quite a powerful thing to do if you want to discourage users from trusting something. In my opinion, based on the description of this browser add-on, I’d agree with labeling this pre-installed crap as adware. Luckily we have PC Decrapifier to easily remove this pre-installed garbage.
  • How eclectic is your musical style? – This requires an account at Last.fm, but you should have an account already anyways. I scored a 75/100 which I feel is a little low considering I do in fact have quite a variety in music taste. Oh well, it’s fun to play with anyways.
  • The Pessimist’s Mug – I really need to get one of these mugs. Hilarious…

My 10 year reunion…

This is kinda funny consider there is no chance in all hell I will be a doctor…though I supposed I could tell people I was one :p

At your ten year high school reunion…
by robbiewriter
Your school name
Your name
Your job will be Doctor
You will be worth $330,592
Everyone will think you are really hot
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