Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-12-31

  • @GamingJuze @CloudFlare what's the domain? Have you upgrade to pro? CF + SSL requires pro otherwise leave CF disabled to use your exist SSL in reply to GamingJuze #
  • Chipotle + This Old House … total win #
  • @orbyorb @Cloudflare 1.), format won't work – 2 rules 2.) need to add finkphotos to DNS Setting in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb @Cloudflare for to forward it needs to be defined in your DNS Settings first. Then it'll forward. in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb @Cloudflare Otherwise CloudFlare doesn't even know about traffic that comes to so rule never matches in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb let me test something on my own site — give me a few minutes. in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb try pointing it at your AAAA — as long as it's a valid IP (not necessarily the correct IP for the subdomain) it should forward in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb I was testing out if you could point at (localhost) and have it still forward. Won't work though — you'll get an error. in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb do you have an A record IP you could point it at? in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb try switching the finkphotos A record to one of those IPv4 addresses. I think I'll need to check with an dev in the morning. in reply to orbyorb #
  • @orbyorb thanks for letting me know. Glad it's working. 🙂 in reply to orbyorb #
  • @KQED Your tech summary of 2011 segment had a disgusting bias toward Apple. Should look into neutral guests perhaps? Just an idea. #
  • @hover Safe to assume if you're closed today 12/27 you're not actually working on the domain transfer? Been waiting since 12/22 now #
  • Landed in Rochester. Long tasty of traveling. #
  • @JoanDICE @CloudFlare the Always Online cached data would be based on the last crawl from Google/Bing/etc in reply to JoanDICE #
  • @JoanDICE @CloudFlare Glad to help, and glad to hear it. 🙂 in reply to JoanDICE #
  • @tenderapp We're significantly slowness this afteroon (for the past maybe 3 hours). Any issues? Seems slowest within last 10 minutes. #

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