Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-07-30

  • @taptaptap please let your users actually export out there photos — it's there content after all! #
  • fast internet at work FTW! #
  • @tylercrosby: RT @GlenAllenWalken: So, debt crisis: if we default, do student loans vanish? #
  • Google Page Speed and CloudFlare via @CloudFlare #
  • RT Cloudflare rocks, beats Google Page Speed Optimizer hands down (google actually increases load time) #
  • Satchmo By Satchmo: The Louis Armstrong Tapes …go listen to it. #
  • some douche bag side-swiped our car last night … thanks a lot asshole. #
  • @Pres_Bartlet @SpeakerBoehner You have a choice: Be the man who compromised + helped save the Republic or the guy who bickered as it sank #
  • date night in downtown SF. #
  • what an unbelievable douche bag @BreakingNews: Sen. McConnell tells Sen. Reid he will not negotiate with him on debt #

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Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-07-09

  • today is crazy apartment hunting/viewing day – seeing 5 places this morning. #
  • Bated breathe…waiting to get confirmation on this apartment. #
  • …and we have an apartment. score! #
  • getting situated and (partially) moved into the new apartment. #
  • @eastdakota thanks 🙂 We're rather excited! in reply to eastdakota #
  • @davewiner glad you felt compelled to live tweet your Dropbox crisis for the rest of us. #
  • "biting — it's like kissing, but with a winner" Doctor Who (ep = Doctor's Wife) #
  • Pretty darn happy with the speeds we are seeing on Comcast (just got set up) #
  • CloudFlare Review, It sped up my site and made me money overnight | Info Carnivore @eastdakota #
  • @iOSDeck Is the iPad version coming soon? It's been a few month now since it was "coming soon". #
  • “Major ISPs agree to 'six strikes' copyright enforcement plan” via @readability #
  • Well this certainly has been a learning experience. #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-07-02