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  • I am definitely looking forward to spring returning to #Brookyln — green tree-lined streets, outdoor seating, and back patios! #
  • @doubleshotapp I hope the Double Shot iPad app is still coming …it looks amazing. I'd love to beta test if you need testers. #
  • @jbrewer In the Twitter app update did you also add back in URL shortening? ( Why was that ever removed? #
  • People wonder why the count of apps in the App Store is so stupidly high — maybe spam apps? All from 1 developer –> #
  • @backupify day 3 now…and I still can't login to the site. Is there any issue? I try to login and it refreshes and says "please login" in reply to backupify #
  • @backupify It only happens in Chrome …Firefox works just fine. Login worked fine with Chrome maybe a week ago, something change? #
  • @backupify @RobMay each time I try to sign up (I'm an existing customer) it just says I must be logged in, which I am. Ideas? in reply to backupify #
  • @backupify yeah, I'm entering my registered email address in reply to backupify #
  • @backupify it worked this time …no idea what changed. Oh well, thanks! in reply to backupify #
  • xkcd: Server Attention Span #
  • it's been a few days so I feel that it's time for me to again express my unhealthy love for Excel. #
  • @Stimpy5050 how well does LockInfo work with an iPad? I'm mostly just curious that it won't break anything if I try to install it. #
  • @Stimpy5050 great, thanks! I'm willing to test things if you have any desire to work on the iPad bugs. in reply to Stimpy5050 #
  • @Stimpy5050 can I use the same license on both devices? It's asking me to transfer or buy a new one. in reply to Stimpy5050 #
  • @GV_Connect Seriously? You're intentionally crippling your app for jailbroken users? That's…wow. Definitely won't give you my $$ #
  • @Stimpy5050 stupid question — how would I do that? When I click on "check license" it just bounces me back to the "trial expires…" screen in reply to Stimpy5050 #
  • NYC Nerd Nite this evening…pretty epic way to begin a long weekend. #
  • @memolane are you guys considering a mobile app? #

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