Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-01-29

  • @theinvisibl I wish you had an RSS feed that I could subscribe to. Your articles are quite interesting. in reply to theinvisibl #
  • annoying question: "so I know you said you haven't fixed this problem, but how much longer do you think you're going to need?" Uh..really? #
  • @anstosa Just FYI – you're exten. is trampling on the Gmail sidebar for Remember the Milk: can't add tasks at top now in reply to anstosa #
  • @rulefm a minimum of $24/month is WAY to expensive in my opinion. $10/month would be easier to justify. You're not cheaper than Basecamp. in reply to rulefm #
  • @anstosa great to hear! Maybe you could eventually do an extension to clean up the RTM site? in reply to anstosa #
  • @rulefm $10/month would be amazing …maybe 1GB of storage down from the 3GB @ $24/month plan. Can always host off site. in reply to rulefm #
  • Why is the world filled with people that say "your welcome"? #facepalm #
  • It's actually snowing pretty hard here in NYC. It's already sticking too …that's a bad sign. Heavy, wet, slushy snow. #
  • pet peeve: people who still email me BMP images …really people? Save as –> JPG #
  • xkcd: Local g #
  • Hummingbird vs. Snapdragon vs. OMAP vs. Tegra 2: ARM Chips Explained #
  • Microsoft sold 8 million Kinects in 60 days; blows away the iPad #

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Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-01-08

  • stupid question — is it safe to assume Google isn't going to want these Chrome OS CR-48 units returned? #
  • If the New York Times Can Find Brooklyn, Why Can't City Snowplows? #
  • @notasausage Evernote probably will work — take the picture (geo-tagged), take notes …and save it all in a single note (per house). in reply to notasausage #
  • delicious winter beer. That is all. #
  • installing Ubuntu on my Cr-48 (because I can) #
  • @Twitter congrats on launching Twitter for Mac in the Mac App Store …please release a real Windows app now. We're all waiting. #
  • Analysis: Health care repeal will cost $230 billion …what a great use of $$ Republicans! #
  • we're getting the story book kind of snow right now #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2011-01-01