Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-12-25

  • 4th thing that rocks about NYC during Christmas time: seeing all the various Christmas store windows (Bergdorf was amazing) #
  • @Stimpy5050 need any testers? looks pretty awesome so far. in reply to Stimpy5050 #
  • Google Ngram Viewer — analyzing word usage throughout time… love and death are virtually identical. #
  • f-ing wonderful. My Vizio just decided to die. Out of no where. #
  • It was nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning: #
  • off to Rochester this evening, looking like a rather hectic holiday weekend… #
  • Delta at JFK is the worst I've ever seen. They have 5 different flights leaving from a single gate at the same time. What a cluster f. #
  • @DanPatterson you're making me miss Brooklyn now. Can't wait to get home. in reply to DanPatterson #

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