Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-11-20

  • Quidditch World Cup 2010 in NYC — basically the nerdiest thing in the world. #
  • @gruber how much does Apple pay you per cool-aid induced comment? in reply to gruber #
  • don't quote me on this: I'm really looking forward to the first significant snow in NYC this season. #
  • @googlevoice any chance you can get Google Voice added to the App Status dashboard? Would be helpful in reply to googlevoice #
  • If Apple's "big" announcement is allowing us the privilege of buying Beatles music on iTunes…I will laugh. That will be pathetic. #
  • nerdily excited to be going to see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow night at midnight… 1st ever midnight movie for me. #
  • @GoogleHotpot so you know — trying to log in on the iPhone 4 crashes Safari every single time. It'll prompt to login, and then crash. in reply to GoogleHotpot #
  • I can't wait for this day to be over. Insanely busy all day long. #
  • The Sociology of the Hipster #
  • @TripIt I signed up for the 90 day free trial, but was charged $49. Please either cancel my account or refund me ASAP. in reply to TripIt #

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