Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-10-30

  • Exciting day of cleaning, cleaning, pumpkin carving, and probably some more cleaning. Thank god it's the weekend though. #
  • Quite the productive day — making a delicious dinner this evening. #
  • So if I update to a pre-jailbroken iOS 4.1 ipsw from 4.0.1 will I need to reinstall all my jailbroken apps? #
  • @hoffnasty9 damn it. Thought so. Any big improvements in 4.1 I should be rushing to upgrade to? in reply to hoffnasty9 #
  • I swear by PKG Backup available on Cydia — 1 click restore of all your jailbroken iPhone apps after a restore. Couldn't be easier. #
  • the new Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial (SNL) #
  • @SamsungMobileUS #WinGalaxyTab my brother on the other side of the country. in reply to SamsungMobileUS #
  • Facts Republicans Should Know Before They Vote #
  • I may need to get a Nook Color for Christmas…looks pretty darn cool. #
  • @BNBuzz I assume the #Nookcolor won't have access to the Android Market right? in reply to BNBuzz #
  • 2010 Pumpkins — Squid Boy and a Woolly Mammoth #
  • fainting goat kittens… warning: painfully funny/adorable. #
  • Google Sync is freaking out all of a sudden. Just wiped the calendar on my iPhone. #googlefail #
  • @boxdotnet will I get an additional 5GB of storage if I already had a 5GB legacy account (from beta testing long ago)? in reply to boxdotnet #
  • @boxdotnet instead of the storage increase I'd gladly prefer to get the Desktop syncing app instead added to my account. in reply to boxdotnet #
  • @boxnetsupport just submitted a ticket. Thanks for the help! in reply to boxnetsupport #
  • still getting shafted on health insurance …oh the irony. #
  • Hacked Together Automated Desktop Syncing @boxdotnet #
  • I really wish Lotus Notes had a snark check to go along with spell check. #

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