Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-07-31

  • so unbelieavably ready to just get home tomorrow. #
  • I just enabled the Twitter AudioMash on @audioboxfm – Get it too: #
  • How New Yorkers Can Spot a Tourist #
  • whoa — Chrome canary build 6.0.480.0 passes the CSS3 selectors test and Acid 3 flawlessly …well done guys. #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-07-24

  • Grabbing a quick lunch and then going to see Inception (in the air conditioning) #
  • "beer is good" the glass says…indeed it is. #
  • Bastille Day festivities…hoping we don't melt in the heat. #
  • @SarahPalinUSA Dear Sarah – please keep your crazy bat-shit ideas about NYC to yourself. Your racism might work in Alaska, but not in NYC in reply to SarahPalinUSA #
  • ways not to start the day: made coffee with slightly spoiled milk …ugh. Yes, I took 2 gulps before I realized. double ugh. #
  • RT @MacRumors Flashlight App Sneaks Tethering Into App Store (For Now) – Mac Rumors #
  • Handy Light works wonders …tethering my iPhone 4 with Windows 7. (Firefox and Chrome both work) #
  • 1 more day before vacation… #
  • XKCD: War #
  • @flipboard an iPhone version (iOS 4) would be greatly appreciated as well. in reply to flipboard #
  • kind of insulted. #
  • XKCD: 1996 #
  • "Apple: The New World Leader in Software Insecurity" #
  • @ceejayoz meh …they always seem to include 3rd party software/drivers in regards to how insecure Windows is. Potato / Potat-oe in reply to ceejayoz #
  • @ceejayoz besides — they say many of the vulnerabilities lie in Safari, QuickTime, and iTunes …made by Apple. 😛 in reply to ceejayoz #
  • @ceejayoz oh totally — I love when Norton/Symantec puts out reports …gee, agenda much? in reply to ceejayoz #
  • @FedexDolores @FedexRobin @FedexAl @FedExDelivers FedEx delivery people REALLY need to start ringing the bell before deciding we're not home #
  • @FedexDolores @FedexRobin @FedexAl @FedExDelivers 2 days in a row now — with an extremely URGENT package he didn't bother to ring the bell #
  • @FedexDolores if the delivery person doesn't REdeliver the package this afternoon we miss our flight. It'd be wasting $225. unacceptable. in reply to FedexDolores #
  • @FedexDolores I've been here all day, both days. Never even bothered to ring the doorbell both days. unacceptable & he has my phone # in reply to FedexDolores #
  • @FedexDolores @tessa6461 is my girlfriend. it's her package FedEx refuses to deliver. AND we paid $70 for overnight delivery. want $ back in reply to FedexDolores #
  • I will go out of my way to never use FedEx again. What a cluster f**k this is. Absolutely ridiculous. #
  • @FedexDolores just sent you the details in an email. thank you for any help. in reply to FedexDolores #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-07-17

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-07-10

  • NYC =  #
  • @davidtaraso so I broke Twitter 😛 in reply to davidtaraso #
  • There is a movie called "Some Like It Hot". I'm not one of those "some". #
  • XKCD — Analogies #
  • @thejargroup It'd help if you guys explained who your ^DS and ^LG actually are (in the background perhaps) #
  • [What would happen] If the Earth Stood Still #
  • @garywkfung PushGmail is having issues with push notifications all of a sudden. Any idea how to fix this? I already deleted/reinstalled. #
  • "Judge rules federal same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional" …about F-ing time. #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-07-03