AweSync: Bridging the Gap Between Lotus Notes and gCal

Lotus Notes to Google Calendar sync
Do you use Lotus Notes? Do you use Google Calendar in your web browser or on your phone? I’ve searched high and low looking for an option to bridge this gap — luckily AweSync solves that problem. Initially I was hesitant to give new software a shot because I had fears that I’d mess up my work calendar. Fear not! AweSync’s software worked splendidly. The software setup could not be simpler — I selected my Lotus Notes account, provided my Google Calendar authentication information, selected the Google Calendar I wanted to sync with, and clicked sync. That’s it! I went from maintaining two calendars to having them completely in sync within 5 minutes of finding out about the application. The only suggestion I have that I hope AweSync eventually moves to use OAuth for the Google authentication instead of using username/password like they currently do. I highly recommend this application for anyone in the situation I was. $20 is a very reasonable price to make my life easier.