Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-06-26

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-06-20

  • to quote Frank: "it was a good [day]" #
  • new Brooklyn definition for WTF: "where's the F?" #
  • Dear #ATT …I have an order number from 5AM this morning. I expect my phone to be delivered next Thursday. #
  • @iphone_dev Do I still need a dev UDID? I thought that was removed on the iOS 4.0 GM? Please confirm. #
  • jailbreaking iOS 4 on my 3G …worst case: 1 week w/o jailbroken phone. best case: play with iOS 4 a week early #
  • wish I could be watching the #US #worldcup game …sadly I have to work like a responsible adult. #
  • @cfenton23 @hoffnasty9 #usa is coming back! 2-1 vs #svn #worldcup in reply to cfenton23 #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-06-12

  • trying to decide if I just settle for a HTC Droid Incredible or if I wait for the far superior Motorola Droid Xtreme… #
  • @dsilverman do you have any invites for rdio by chance? in reply to dsilverman #
  • Dear #BP — stop f-king up. No really. These are the animals you're killing. @effedparkslope spread the word #
  • "they 1st thought the graveyard contained remains of criminals … but that doesn't explain the teeth marks." #
  • is that really it #Apple ? Playing catch-up again I see. Nothing "magical" about the iPhone 4. Goodbye. #
  • …well it seems like that went well. #
  • it's disturbing how excited I am that it's actually going to rain today. #
  • gorgeous photos of NYC #
  • @boxdotnet wish you'd consider offering your desktop sync app for individuals as well — this is a killer feature for personal use also. #
  • @jamesproud on Google –> Editor's Picks –> bottom right option –> select "white" 🙂 in reply to jamesproud #
  • @jamesproud I agree …it looks hideous. I just use the keyword so I never see I just type g [my query] in the location bar in reply to jamesproud #
  • @jamesproud give me a shout if ya do. FYI — August here is MISERABLE though. in reply to jamesproud #
  • @StarrGazr belated good morning! 🙂 in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @jamesproud usually August is ridiculously hot and humid…basically miserable. in reply to jamesproud #
  • @StarrGazr doing pretty well, and yourself? in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @boxdotnet you know where to find me if you need any beta testers! 🙂 in reply to boxdotnet #
  • TGIF. that is all. #
  • @CellarThief I sent you guys an email — I made a mistake playing my order, and I just wanted to make sure it gets corrected. Thanks! #
  • fun Friday fact (FFF) — I've paid off 1/8 of my students loans so far. Hey, it's better than nothin' #

AweSync: Bridging the Gap Between Lotus Notes and gCal

Lotus Notes to Google Calendar sync
Do you use Lotus Notes? Do you use Google Calendar in your web browser or on your phone? I’ve searched high and low looking for an option to bridge this gap — luckily AweSync solves that problem. Initially I was hesitant to give new software a shot because I had fears that I’d mess up my work calendar. Fear not! AweSync’s software worked splendidly. The software setup could not be simpler — I selected my Lotus Notes account, provided my Google Calendar authentication information, selected the Google Calendar I wanted to sync with, and clicked sync. That’s it! I went from maintaining two calendars to having them completely in sync within 5 minutes of finding out about the application. The only suggestion I have that I hope AweSync eventually moves to use OAuth for the Google authentication instead of using username/password like they currently do. I highly recommend this application for anyone in the situation I was. $20 is a very reasonable price to make my life easier.