Twitter Posts for the week of 2010-05-22

  • glad to be home…sitting on the runway at LGA #
  • AT&T'a 3G coverage between Atlanta and NYC is like night and day. What a joke. #
  • Actually "It's Bush's Oil Spill", not Obama's. #
  • ReclaimPrivacy Bookmarklet Rates Your Facebook Exposure Level #
  • @bangbang023 what kind of Android phone did you get? Still on AT&T I assume? in reply to bangbang023 #
  • "Navy to showcase [dolphins with freakin' lasers]" #
  • @twitter @tweetie …wow, major step backwards. Way to destroy a previously great app. How unfortunate. #
  • want: Sprint EVO 4G
    need: $200
    when to fix this problem: very soon I hope #
  • @bangbang023 very nice — I'm trying to decide between the EVO 4G and the Incredible. Tough decision, I know. in reply to bangbang023 #
  • @raizuken Seesmic is the best Android Twitter app in my opinion. Good combo of form and functionality. in reply to raizuken #
  • @bangbang023 yeah, decisions decisions. 4G is supposed to be here in NYC by the end of summer. *knocks on wood* in reply to bangbang023 #
  • Sprint Evo 4G pre-ordered. Done and done. Goodbye Apple/AT&T – I wish I could say I'll miss you. #
  • @bangbang023 I've been using the girl's Incredible the past few days. I really like Android so far. in reply to bangbang023 #
  • @justin @fraserspeirs I'd say the exact opposite. Apple has definitely been missing the little things lately. in reply to justin #
  • @dryncwine please please please tell me that you're working on an Android app? They are desperately missing a good wine app. #
  • hoping the rest of the day passes by quietly. TGIF #
  • more emails should begin with "Hi Dictators,"… #
  • @PairIt looking more for a wine-centered app — basically a wine journal, don't really need the food pairing part of things. Thanks though! in reply to PairIt #