Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-10-25

  • The Secret New York Minute: Trains Late by Design #
  • Pumpkin carvin' #
  • Fox News Isn't Just Bad, It's Un-American: #
  • 24 years of Windows package design #
  • I just watched the sun come up…. gotta love Tuesday morning extra early work. #
  • HTML5: The Basics (1 of 4) #
  • I think the problem is that Apple/Mac users seem to assume the rest of us give a damn which new (overpriced) Apple product they want. #
  • @ginatrapani Was hoping I could ask you why I'm banned on Lifehacker/Gizmodo all of a sudden. Would you be able to help me find out why? in reply to ginatrapani #
  • ready for the weekend already … yes, I'm aware — it's only Wednesday. #
  • Health Insurance: Now For Your Dog, Or Hedgehog …I need a hedgehog. #
  • Microsoft Reaches Deal To Bring Twitter And Facebook Data To Bing #
  • @fa90 let me know how the install of Snow Leopard goes on your XPS M1530 …I'm thinking about trying it soon too. in reply to fa90 #
  • so who's running out to buy Windows 7 first thing this morning? #
  • @JamesProud yeah, I have 2 student copies on the way already (1 Pro and 1 Home Premium, both 64 bit obviously) in reply to JamesProud #
  • @JamesProud yeah, I got into the beta via the side door with the Win 7 ecosystem …so no boxed copy because we weren't in the official beta in reply to JamesProud #
  • RT @envirograffiti The Buddhist Monastery that Rises 2,500ft from a Gigantic Lava Plug #
  • I find writing documentation a strange combination of comforting, satisfying, and infuriating …all at the same time. #
  • Windows 7 was my idea …a brilliant new commercial for Windows 7. #
  • anyone know if a 64bit product key for Windows 7 can install the 32 bit version instead? #
  • @tom_warren Brilliant! Cheers. in reply to tom_warren #
  • installing OSX on my Dell XPS M1530 went shockingly well (once I found the right instructions). Cool. Ready for the weekend. #
  • trying out Tweetie on OSX …pretty cool, but I think I still prefer TweekDeck. #
  • welcome weekend…I've missed you. #
  • OSX on my Dell XPS M1530 #
  • @107designs none so far … only problem with OSX on M1530 is that it won't shut down. Need to hard shut it down…ya know, minor details 😛 in reply to 107designs #
  • @107designs well, can't put it into sleep either …which for a laptop of course is pretty important. I'll keep search for a fix for it in reply to 107designs #
  • RT @jasonhiner The thing to understand about Apple's Windows 7 attack ads: You don't spend money attacking something unless it's a threat #
  • @ceejayoz They needed to do something after Apple spent 2 yrs putting out blatant lies and slanderous BS. But yes, they did feel threatened. in reply to ceejayoz #
  • @fa90 I got OSX installed without too many issues. trackpad words, keyboard works, wifi works, camera works…just can't sleep/shutdown yet. in reply to fa90 #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-10-18

  • WTF Red Sox? #FML #
  • Pretty darn refreshing in NYC this morning. #
  • "Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds //
    In canyons of steel //
    They're making me feel – I'm home //
    It's autumn in new york " #
  • "So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?" Quiz 17 out of 20. Beat that. #
  • @tom_warren Matte Nano (with 5 column springboard), Teneo, Smoog, and Suave are all nice. in reply to tom_warren #
  • @MoRocca drunk tweeting (about being boobed) I see? 😛 I've been boobed many a time too. Down with women! Down with boobs! #
  • @kristn Funambol? Go to "open source" to get to the free area in reply to kristn #
  • @tessa6461 I concur. in reply to tessa6461 #
  • Taking a vegetarian to the Slaughtered Lamb for drinks tonight. Oh the irony… #
  • Why Do Conservatives Hate America?: #
  • RT @107designs: There's too much blood in my caffeine system. #
  • Yup. 40 degrees and rain is gross. #
  • It's 40. Feels like 37 with the wind, and 97% humidity. WTF? #
  • @pogoplank if you don't want people to steal Pogoplank then you might want to offer a trial of this. Just an idea. in reply to pogoplank #
  • #beatcancer Just retweet this already people. $0.01 for every mention of #beatcancer it's a good cause. #
  • RT @tessa6461: Google Wave Pulp Fiction = super-awesome-fun-times (stolen from @xxdesmus) #
  • @pogoplank Yes, even at $1.99 — no trial = going to "try" it. Plain and simple. That is the single greatest flaw of the official App Store in reply to pogoplank #
  • @TRexroat it's called "retweeting" …not "reposting". Geez dude, catch up on the times already… in reply to TRexroat #
  • I think today is a great day to hang out/drink coffee/read/watch terrible movies at or near home. Cold, grey, and rainy. #
  • @blam I'm trying to find out why my account on Lifehacker says "Comments are not enabled for this account." I'd appreciate any information #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-10-11

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-10-11

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-10-04

  • G20 Protests Show Preferential Treatment of Right Wingers: #
  • @atebits @tweetie so how does one become a beta tester for Tweetie? I'd love to help out and break stuff. in reply to atebits #
  • glad it's finally (almost) hoodie weather #
  • Score! Got into Google Wave. Time to play tomorrow. #
  • @powertwitter having issues where it tells me my password is incorrect. I know for a fact it's correct. How can I wipe out the saved info? #
  • definitely ready for the weekend/ #
  • cool beans … Tweeting from inside Google Wave. #
  • Yes — it is, in fact — a Friday. #
  • BREAKING: Texas Judge — Ban On Gay Marriage Unconstitutional #
  • mmmmmm…. spinach bolgnese lasagne #