Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-04-26

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-04-19

  • awesome weekend, kinda exhausted now, and today is going to be insane. #
  • holy god, HSBC = fail. Looks like another 3-4 days without a debit card. #
  • @bangbang023 love it so far. It’s been almost 2 weeks already…time is flying by. Still don’t have any groceries yet. lol… 😛 in reply to bangbang023 #
  • I’m not a huge fan of the Seesmic desktop app …I prefer Twhirl. I don’t need to follow 30 diff things at once. #
  • I consider myself a “realist” instead of being a pessimist. Though suppose one might argue that’s the pinnacle of pessimism. #
  • I’m extremely proud of Gov. Paterson today. Let’s hope New York state does the right thing and legalizes gay marriage soon. #
  • “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” … TGIF. #
  • @Oprah I wish Oprah would send me an @ reply. 😛 #
  • Busy day of laying in the sun at Prospect Park, wine tasting, and going to see Beowulf tonight. #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-04-12

  • in Brooklyn. Getting all situated and such. #
  • Today is Billie Holiday’s birthday. …loving all the great music today. #
  • “All rocks go to heaven” #
  • the irony of it really shouldn’t surprise me any more. #
  • You know you must be hungry when McDonalds actually smells appealing. #
  • Holy crap the weather is gorgeous! #
  • No particular plans for the day. Maybe a little grocery shopping, maybe a little China Town. We’ll see. #

Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-04-05

  • as packed up as possible …now to live out of boxes for the next 4 days. #
  • @xxdesmus got a grade of 98.0/100 on @grader. Check it out: #
  • writing documentation for the foreseeable future… #
  • writing documentation all the live long day… *whistles* #
  • IE 8.1 to fully support CSS3 AND Firefox extensions …yes, you read right. IE 8.1 to support Firefox extensions. #
  • I’m tired. That is all. #
  • @davehoff @bangbang023 kinda a douche move to do an early April fools day thing. Ahh….wishful thinking it was. in reply to davehoff #
  • holy crap. I move tomorrow morning. *glee* #