Twitter Posts for the week of 2009-02-22

  • back in Rochester. “home” if you will. not happy to be here. rather be “home” (future home, that is) in NYC instead. #
  • got an extra token for Windows Azure if any developers want to get into the beta and play around. DM or @ me. #
  • @edythemighty says I can’t see his updates …ask him to DM me if he’d like the token for Azure. I’d be happy to give it away. in reply to edythemighty #
  • “Neutrality Schmeutrality” ….awesome. #
  • Jetblue to refund tickets if you lose your job. Consider me impressed. #
  • being pulled in at least 35 different directions at work right now. no fun. #
  • “The Original Blue Hedgehog” :Pg #
  • “Pluto’s Advantage Is In Not Being Goofy” an awesome editorial on NPR this morning about Goofy vs Pluto #