For T – 11.24.08

I find myself smiling more often
since you have come into my life.
This is no easy feat you have managed.
You ask why I stare?
I cannot help but to find myself
lost in the depths of your beauty.
If only you could possibly see through my eyes.
I find myself feeling anxious when
your face crosses my mind.
In the same instant I am nervous and happy.
Nervous because I have to worry,
that I don’t make you nearly as happy as you make me.
Nervous because I want you to know,
that every single day I am thinking about you.
This is at once overcome by the happiness that you bring.
The way you laugh melts my heart.
Your smile makes my heart stop.
When our lips touch
I have to remind myself to breathe again.
Imagine waking from a dream,
only to find yourself in a better place and time.
It is a serenely disorienting experience.
When I awake and see your beautiful face
resting there on my chest,
and I feel your body tangled around mine
I know all of this is going to be ok.

3 thoughts on “For T – 11.24.08

  1. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense, and I wish you were cuddling with me, warming up my (freezing cold!) bedroom right now. I love you.

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