What's up. Where I'm at.

December 11th. December 11th at 11AM I will finally graduate with a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology. It’s been a long journey. Let me repeat that (I’m starting to sound like Joe Bidden). It’s been a VERY long journey. I’m not going to get into details because if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you don’t need to know.
So what’s going on? What’s the plan? I plan to move to New York City in the very near future. That would obviously imply that I’ll need to find a place to live, and I’ll need someone to employ me as well. These are all things I’m still working out as we speak. The wheel has been put in motion, and now I’m just hoping its momentum will promptly lead me to where I want to be.
So why New York City? The better question would be: why not? The intelligent reply would be “because it’s absurdly expensive”. Well yes, it is. Fair point actually, touché. Ignoring this minuscule stumbling block I’ll answer the “so why New York City” question instead I guess. “I [have] to go and see about a girl.” That would be part of it. I’ll keep the sappy details to myself, but I’ll just say that she’s the girl of my dreams. She makes the little things in life extraordinary. The other significant reason for this move will be because, quite simply, I need to get out of Rochester. Excluding my brief stay (2 1/2 years on and off) at Vassar, I’ve never lived in a different place. It’s definitely time to fix that.
So that’s the deal. What’s left to do? Minor things, ya know. I need to graduate (which includes finishing my finals), find a job, find a place to live, and then actually move down to NYC. Wish me luck!