Twitter Posts for the week of 2008-11-30

  • listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me …and trying to get motivated. #
  • HTTP errors in cartoon form. brilliant! #
  • enable Google street view on your 1G iPod Touch after you jailbreak firmware 2.2 ….great news. #
  • watching the Giants game. #
  • @aliciamk what’s the paper on? in reply to aliciamk #
  • @aliciamk hmm… don’t hit me but that almost sounds interesting 😛 (says the person who doesn’t have to write it) in reply to aliciamk #
  • thank god for a 2 day week = TGF2DW #
  • crazy busy day today. at the moment looking at at least 5 meetings. it’ll be so nice to sleep in tomorrow. #
  • @JamesProud yup. It hasn’t grown on me yet (translation: I don’t think I’m feeling it). you like it? in reply to JamesProud #
  • @JamesProud I honestly think it’s complete shit. That’s just me though. in reply to JamesProud #
  • @THE_REAL_SHAQ you are one old dude. in reply to THE_REAL_SHAQ #
  • class, working, lunch, class, and then done for the day…so glad it’s only a 2 day week. #
  • dinner with my mother, driving down to Atlanta early tomorrow (2AM), back late Saturday. Happy (early) Turkey Day! #
  • In Kentucky and VERY bored with driving already. 550 miles down. 450 left to go *sigh* #
  • Here it ATL … 987 miles later, and 14 1/2 hours of drivin. #
  • Happy Turkey Day everyone 🙂 #
  • staying in tonight instead of going out in Atlanta with my brother like I should. Still sick. Bah! #
  • outside Cinci …doing half the drive back from Atlanta today, and the other half tomorrow morning …long day of driving. #
  • I’m really not such a fan of girls right now. I’m so sick of this BS. #

For T – 11.24.08

I find myself smiling more often
since you have come into my life.
This is no easy feat you have managed.
You ask why I stare?
I cannot help but to find myself
lost in the depths of your beauty.
If only you could possibly see through my eyes.
I find myself feeling anxious when
your face crosses my mind.
In the same instant I am nervous and happy.
Nervous because I have to worry,
that I don’t make you nearly as happy as you make me.
Nervous because I want you to know,
that every single day I am thinking about you.
This is at once overcome by the happiness that you bring.
The way you laugh melts my heart.
Your smile makes my heart stop.
When our lips touch
I have to remind myself to breathe again.
Imagine waking from a dream,
only to find yourself in a better place and time.
It is a serenely disorienting experience.
When I awake and see your beautiful face
resting there on my chest,
and I feel your body tangled around mine
I know all of this is going to be ok.

Twitter Posts for the week of 2008-11-23

  • yeah… *really* not pleased to be leaving her. #
  • Killing time at the crazy nice brand new Jetblue terminal in JFK. #
  • Bill Cower (sp?) is sitting at the bar here in JFK. Just having a beer, watching Sunday night football. #
  • yeah 1,000+ feeds to read …no thanks “mark all as read” #
  • it’s always cloudy even when the sun is out. #
  • is kind of tired of having a negative effect on people. #
  • Cold and soon to snowy Monday morning…can’t it just be December already? #
  • what a day, what a day. wow. #
  • @edythemighty damn straight. and lazy to boot! in reply to edythemighty #
  • the new Xbox Live is pretty much awesome wow. the NetFlix intergration is very slick. #
  • @JamesProud what does that tell you about the UK? 😛 in reply to JamesProud #
  • prepping for a presentation tomorrow …and basically trying not to fall asleep yet #
  • Ninja cat comes closer while not moving! …hilarious and insanely cute. #
  • allergies will be the death of me …ick. head feels like it may just explode. #
  • cleaning up Twitter a bit… #
  • Anyone need an invite for ? I have 10 … DM me your email address. #
  • @JamesProud sent one homie 😉 in reply to JamesProud #
  • killing time this morning …should be doing something productive, but I bet I’m not. #
  • Dayqul’d up and ready to go… #
  • Gmail FINALLY gets themes. #
  • heh… now that I’ve used Gmail’s default theme for 4 years all of these new themes feel so weird. (and I’m sticking with the default theme) #
  • @chrisriedinger I think I like “steel”, though most of the themes look really ugly with the RTM sidebar right now. (it needs an update) in reply to chrisriedinger #
  • @JamesProud should be tonight or tomorrow…they are rolling it out in phases (like normal). you’re not missing much though honestly. in reply to JamesProud #
  • *really* should be working on my paper for next week, but I feel quite awful so that seems unlikely at this point. #
  • @waltpsu link? info? in reply to waltpsu #
  • @waltpsu found it. looks very cool indeed. will need to play with this when I get home. in reply to waltpsu #
  • for anyone using the new Gmail themes, which theme are you using? #
  • cold cold day. wearing just a hoodie probably was not the brightest idea…doh. #
  • son of a bitch. completely forgot about a paper that is due this afternoon. *sigh* #
  • @jeremyb I can’t seem to get away from “classic” yet. Though I kind of like “tree” with the dynamic weather. in reply to jeremyb #
  • @bessie00 are you a psych major? in reply to bessie00 #
  • feeling shockingly optimistic for no particularly good reason today. hey, I’m not complaining. 😛 #
  • Why does Apple insist on screwing iPod Touch customers? Their stupidity just amazes me. #
  • busy is an understatement. #
  • is ready to be done with this day. #
  • paper writing with some coffee …or at least that is the plan. #
  • awesome. my computer just died. thank you very much Vista. #
  • feeling entirely unmotivated today. I really do need to write this paper… #
  • @StarrGazr eh … it’s not due until 12/1 …after Thanksgiving … that’s SO far off 😛 in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @StarrGazr I’d totally never do that 😛 …I have no idea what you’re referring to. *suspicious look* I AM writing it. It’s just going slow in reply to StarrGazr #
  • Wish I could create a filter in Gmail that says “if not English then mark as spam” period. If it’s not in English I don’t need to see it. #
  • @StarrGazr I think that’s the 2nd time that’s ever happened in my entire academic career. I’m typically on top of my s**t. stuff happens 😛 in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @StarrGazr 2 1/2 pages of the 3-6 I need …so just fine thankyouverymuch *sticks tongue out* in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @Matthom habla espanol? 😛 …I mean I COULD use Google Translate just to read my spam in Chinese, but do I really want to? in reply to Matthom #
  • @StarrGazr you forgot part of your scolding … “to your elders” oh riiiiiight, that’s why you “forgot” to include that part. 😛 in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @StarrGazr pssh. that was hardly rude. in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @StarrGazr *shrugs* …I’ve said far worse to you before 😛 in reply to StarrGazr #
  • @StarrGazr I’d love to figure out why women (and mothers in particular) are so talented at inducing guilt. in reply to StarrGazr #
  • time to flop I think. tired. #
  • watching the new episode of This Old House because I’m just that cool. #
  • looking at apartments …drooling …. and feeling depressed. *sigh* #

What's up. Where I'm at.

December 11th. December 11th at 11AM I will finally graduate with a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology. It’s been a long journey. Let me repeat that (I’m starting to sound like Joe Bidden). It’s been a VERY long journey. I’m not going to get into details because if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you don’t need to know.
So what’s going on? What’s the plan? I plan to move to New York City in the very near future. That would obviously imply that I’ll need to find a place to live, and I’ll need someone to employ me as well. These are all things I’m still working out as we speak. The wheel has been put in motion, and now I’m just hoping its momentum will promptly lead me to where I want to be.
So why New York City? The better question would be: why not? The intelligent reply would be “because it’s absurdly expensive”. Well yes, it is. Fair point actually, touché. Ignoring this minuscule stumbling block I’ll answer the “so why New York City” question instead I guess. “I [have] to go and see about a girl.” That would be part of it. I’ll keep the sappy details to myself, but I’ll just say that she’s the girl of my dreams. She makes the little things in life extraordinary. The other significant reason for this move will be because, quite simply, I need to get out of Rochester. Excluding my brief stay (2 1/2 years on and off) at Vassar, I’ve never lived in a different place. It’s definitely time to fix that.
So that’s the deal. What’s left to do? Minor things, ya know. I need to graduate (which includes finishing my finals), find a job, find a place to live, and then actually move down to NYC. Wish me luck!

Twitter Posts for 2008-11-12

  • trying to finish this paper tonight … I hope I’m done by 9ish #
  • @JamesProud very cool man. hope things are going well 🙂 #
  • I’m so witty it hurts 😛 (no, not really) #
  • mmmm…. Girl scout cookies…. mmmm… made with real girl scouts :p #
  • @chrisriedinger I’m aware … I never claimed to be logical or even accurate for that matter 😛 #
  • “So take your as the temporary savior / While I’m looking at your face like I’ll be testing on it later” such a … ♫ #
  • I’m starting to get Pownce spam now too … that’s impressive. I didn’t think anyone actually used Pownce these days. #
  • I get the impression it’s going to be another late night … *sigh* #
  • “Transcript: Bush recalls regrettable, proud moments” actually pretty interesting read. #
  • coffee and killing time this morning …class at 2:30 #
  • Tweet counter …we passed 1 billion Tweets today. #
  • shockingly cool (once you get past the Spring splash ad) #

Twitter Posts for 2008-11-11

  • @jeremyb @StarrGazr yeah… it wasn’t actually asking 😉 …I was just passive aggressively whining 😛 Thanks tho! #
  • listening to the Billie Holiday radio station on Last.FM …and totally not writing my paper *sigh* #
  • very pleasantly surprised with how nice Songbird is now. It handles my 80GB quite well. #
  • should go to bed. I’m tired, but I’m also bored. Too bored to sleep… *sigh* #
  • @RuViljoen now if only it would just sync with my iPod Touch …I’d ditch iTunes entirely. #
  • @Mobasoft still quite impressive 😛 #
  • @scoozba I hope you mean the mid 90s hip hop group :p #
  • Anxiously wishing it was Thursday already. #
  • Pet peeve: websites that really think they can prevent users from using the right click context menu. So obnoxious (and easy to bypass). #
  • @ceejayoz lol. … way to be passive aggressive 😛 Yeah, it’s just such a douche bag move. #

Twitter Posts for 2008-11-10

  • Ready for the Giants game to start. #
  • tired puppy #
  • I’m certainly out of it today. hoping this week flies by. #
  • “Blue badge” unlocks all of the hidden features in the PDC build of Windows 7. #
  • I simply cannot concentrate today. at all. *sigh* #
  • pet peeve: I hate when registering for a new site generates an email with my username and password in plain text. nice security! #
  • “Poll: Bush disapproval ratings reach new record” … 76% …holy s**t, that’s impressive! #
  • Deep Secrets of ‘The Daily Show’ #
  • CNN talks about Obama’s new website, and yet they don’t even LINK to the site they talk about. *smacks forehead* #
  • Why does Obama still want/need more money? I’m confused… #
  • Barack Obama: the world’s most beloved spammer. 🙂 #

Twitter Posts for 2008-11-09

  • Obama and Hllary were on the SNL presidential 08 bash thing this evening #
  • is disappearing for the day. #
  • is forgetting and moving on with life. #
  • I got nothing. #
  • @chrisriedinger I “wrote” the word “Digital” using my GPS path …and then took photos at the major points in each letter. It’s for class. #
  • “Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions” … if he can actually do half of this I will ❤ Obama. #
  • trying to talk myself into writing 2 pages of my paper before the Giants game …we shall see if that happens though. #
  • ” ‘Sedentary activity’ constitutes an oxymoron” …this actually got me to chukle. I guess I never really thought about it. #
  • @StarrGazr how’s that “girl time” going for ya? … seems like Twitter time 😛 #
  • working on a presentation due next week instead of writing a paper due Thursday of this week … wtf? #