Twitter Posts for 2008-08-22

  • Microsoft’s “Ultimate Steal” is back for college students. MS Office 2007 Ultimate for $59. Don’t miss out. It’s legit. #
  • tired, headache — reading and trying to relax a bit. #
  • wow…they redirect you if they notice you’re using Adblock. They = fail. #
  • just went down … (for me at least). weird. #
  • if you work in IT you’ll laugh: user: “oh that’s just the ‘normal’ error message. I get that all day long” me: “…um what?!” #
  • so it looks like blocked my IP (at least for the day) … what the hell did I do? #
  • sending fake text messages from Obama’s 62262 short number …messing with friends. I’m a horrible person 😛 #
  • just got an email with this URL: oops…someone’s new product isn’t off to a great start. #
  • ever feel trapped in your life? yeah. pretty much there right now. #