Twitter Posts for 2008-06-20

  • well that was stupid, I forgot to take out my contacts last night. #
  • going to be an awful day. 4 things to do in the next 57 mins (no way all get done), and then still unprepared for the rest of the day. oy #
  • Why do guys need to be douche bags to my “not girlfriend”? Seriously, just leave her the f**k alone. #
  • just a thought: name me one single time in the entire existence of human kind that cat calling actually got a guy laid. I’m waiting. #
  • @steelopus hah. I hate guys who do that bullsh*t. that irritates me to no end. do not disrespect women. #
  • I’ll just stop asking questions at this point. #
  • having an offline kind of night. #
  • Sleepy Brown ft Outkast – I Can’t Wait …amazing song, hot beat, and funny video. #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-19

  • confused, but not necessarily in a bad way I guess. #
  • get to leave early today πŸ™‚ hopefully the day goes smoothly until then though. #
  • I really wish it would rain today. I feel like a rainy day. #
  • Friend in response to Tiger being out for the rest of 2008: “yeah I bleed for a guy that makes millions and has a hot wife and kid” #
  • way too many things to do in the next hour and 45 minutes. crap. #
  • does anyone actually use the favorites star in Twitter? I just use it to bookmarks Tweets for later. #
  • performance review went pretty well. I never know what to do with praise. I always just feel so awkward. #
  • @Matthom I don’t think you can target “Target” without adding a class. #
  • @Matthom can’t tell you the numbers of times I forgot what I had just said minutes before. Horrible horrible memory. Not the pot either. #
  • @ScrnShots no update I assume? Or is the built in “check for updates” not working? #
  • @ScrnShots I don’t mean to be annoying. I was just curious, really πŸ™‚ #
  • giving AT&T’s Pogo browser a try. Don’t exactly have high expectations #
  • AT&T’s Pogo browser: It’s already taken 16 minutes trying to import my bookmarks from Firefox …this is not a good first impression. #
  • AT&T’s Pogo browser is REALLY struggling with my 2,900 bookmarks. #
  • Cannot for the life of me find the cleanex in this store. *sneeze* #
  • @steelopus smart ass! πŸ˜‰ #
  • anyone need an invite for I have 2 invites to give out. #
  • Ok. I will finally admit it: Gmail + Remember the Milk extension = heaven. All I really need is my inline gCalendar to work again. #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-18

  • Here’s my cool Spore dude. Yeah, he’s officially cute. #
  • @DougH hah. I just got that… the 4 lucky Laker fans who started along side Kobe. πŸ˜› …hey, it’s been a long day. hah. #
  • sorry Celts, but I may be too exhausted for you this evening. too damn tired to stay up for the full game I think. #
  • 2.6 million downloads in just under 9 hours for Firefox 3. not bad. not bad at all. #
  • I hope the Celtics can keep this lead. I would love to see them absolutely throttle the Lakers to win the championship. #
  • The Celtics are leading the Lakers by 29 …holy s**t. πŸ™‚ #
  • Make that Celtics up by 31…yeah baby. Lakers are getting embarrassed!! #
  • 1 more quarter for the Celtics. Announcer: “this is the utter destruction of the LA Lakers” #
  • Firefox 3 is at 7.1 million downloads! πŸ™‚ #
  • Same shit, different day. #
  • A very long, very unpleasant day. #
  • Google Reader: 886 new items …riiiight, and “Mark all as read” #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-17

  • having an offline kind of night I think #
  • ok, let’s just act like we have nothing to talk about *sigh* … #
  • Check out Feedly for a kind of personal newspaper based on your web 2.0 stuff. Very cool stuff. #
  • @dewaldp I’ve been using the nightlies for nearly 6 months now, but yeah …I’ll download it on 3 different machines tomorrow. #
  • So us East-coasters need to wait until 1PM to download Firefox 3 …that kind of stinks, I have all kinds of time right now. #
  • @vanillacokehead I’m just going based on this world map: #
  • I can’t for the life of me figure out how I managed to scratch/cut the top of my tongue in several places. Was I chewing glass again? #
  • on average, my office gets roughly 45 minutes free out of me every day. kind of sad. I either get here early, miss lunch, or leave late. #
  • @anitsirk you spelled my name wrong, but I still saw it πŸ˜‰ Yeah, we’ll see how well this download day goes. I have my doubts. #
  • it’s supposed to get down into the 40s tonight, should be great sleeping weather finally (for the first night in a while) #
  • @anitsirk I’m still curious how they will count downloads? It can’t be by IP, so just plain ‘ol downloads I guess? That could be messed with #
  • great article from on making Vista less annoying. Some very helpful tips here. #
  • well that was funny/rude… the guy who’s stealing my desk just came over to plan where he’s going to put his stuff. what a dick. #
  • Life of Pi became far more interesting to read one I took someone’s advice to skip all that religious BS in the beginning of the book. #
  • @bmorsh had problems with it refreshing too often, even after I told it to only refresh every 15 minutes it still exceeded the hourly limit #
  • dear god, lady sends me nothing except for an error #, no previous steps, no details, nada. *sigh* …people annoy me. #
  • the Mets fired Willie Randolph. what a stupid stupid decision. So much for the Mets having a chance this season. #
  • Media Temple + Parallels to offer Leopard Server VPS. Gee, I bet that’ll be expensive. #
  • @bmorsh or Twhirl, which is my personal favorite πŸ™‚ #
  • wow, really don’t need to hear this particular song right this moment. talk about bad timing. #
  • hopefully today picks up a bit …things are going very slowly. #
  • Celtics going to win tonight? Anyone have an opinion? #
  • AIM inside gTalk (inside Gmail) just died for me. It’s unable to connect. Anyone else having the same problem? #
  • @Matthom that sounds like a lot of fun actually. it’ll be satisfying to get rid of all those horrendous structural tables I bet. #
  • @danbenjamin same here too. I was bumped off AIM about 30 minutes ago. #
  • The BBC is running an article on the frontpage about the Firefox 3, but CNN doesn’t even have anything on the Tech page. weird. #
  • @waynesutton I just wish they actually had a privacy policy on the site. 1 sentence: “we don’t store your username/password.” #
  • @Matthom how many pages need to be converted? are they using ANY CSS at the moment? #
  • @mdjensen please considering adding a privacy policty to Tweetmarks. Also, it’d be nice if it could go back in time and grab past links. #
  • @Matthom Twitter just swallowed my reply. I’d much rather be doing that conversion than the BS I’m doing at the moment. I’m jealous. #
  • @mdjensen I was thinking this morning “I wish I could get a list of all the links I’ve posted to Twitter”, so I was/am excited to see this. #
  • @Matthom very true. You could write some antiquated VB6 for me and I’ll do the CSS πŸ˜‰ #
  • @mdjensen no problem. I just tend to be paranoid πŸ˜‰ #
  • ImageResizer powertoy from Windows XP has been migrated to Vista finally! Very handy plugin. #
  • How to Nap cheatsheet. #
  • Grabbing an early lunch with the guys before this afternoon gets crazy. #
  • is being hammered right now, can’t even load the page. #
  • @MaltaPa I don’t think that counts towards the download count though. I could be wrong #
  • You’d really think Mozilla would have been prepared for the MASSIVE traffice spike when they flipped the switch, it wasn’t a surprise. #
  • and the day just went down hill. wonderful. #
  • @Matthom believe me, I wish I could pass on it as well. #
  • 16GB flash drive for $49 after rebate #
  • @Rafe uh …so that you can completely mess up the Download numbers for today? That’s a great idea. #
  • It’s amusing that Firefox will likely make the headlines for failing at the launch, instead of the download record. #
  • this liknk for Firefox 3 (WINDOWS) works. no really. #
  • @mozillafirefox still showing v2.0.0.14 when I just loaded that page. #
  • working link for Firefox 3 (MAC). yes, it really works. #
  • calling out Kevin Garnett. “Instead the Counterfeit Ticket spend 15 min on the bench”… I’m a Celts fan, but this is good #
  • same shit, different day. kind of getting used to it. life goes on. #
  • going to be offsite (and offline) almost all of tomorrow. it’ll be nice to have a little breathing room I think. #
  • how many RSS subscriptions do you have? I have 136. I feel like that’s roughly average. #
  • “Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3”. some handy tips (but I wouldn’t call some of them “power”) #
  • @Matthom I think if I cleaned out my dead feeds I’d be around 110ish. I really need to do that, but I’ve just been so lazy lately. #
  • Intense Debate or Disques for a commenting system? and why? #
  • Firefox 3 passes 1 million downloads in 4 hours. wow. 5,000 and 14,000 downloads per minute #
  • anyone know where I can find the Firefox 3.1 nightlies? I’m kind of bored with the Firefox 3.0 nightlies now πŸ˜‰ #
  • duh, found the Firefox 3.1 nightlies …duh. #
  • success! Firefox 3.1 is a go. (obviously no differences just yet, but I like to live on the bleeding edge) #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-16

  • being ignored apparently. I’ll be watching my game then. Go Celtics (it looks like you’ll need all the support you can get tonight) #
  • This is going to be a rough night… Kobe is tearing it up this evening. 4x 3 pointers already. #
  • apparently they won’t be calling many fouls on the Lakers this evening. geez… Peirce just got mugged. #
  • I usually don’t like to watch golf, but Tiger usually has a habit of making things very exciting. #
  • @terribaranick I seem to recall Tiger staying on his feet during the celebration, but I guess I could be wrong. Just a double fist pump. #
  • Celtics are making a come back again… on a 15-0 run right now #Celtics #Boston #beatla #
  • half time of the Celtics game …bored, cleaning up my Facebook apps a bit (so many useless apps installed). #
  • Hmm… What’s better? Celtics win and wrap it up tonight? OR lose tonight and then win at home? #
  • If the Celtics are going to win tonight Peirce will need to carry them on his back. #
  • @notasausage no kidding. Kobe’s “steal” was a foul, no doubt about it. Oh well …back to Boston we go. #
  • Verizon Treo 700WX to get Windows Mobile 6 this summer πŸ™‚ woot! seriously, I can’t wait for the update. #
  • my desk is already ridiculously warm this morning…it’s not even 7:30 yet! #
  • ok…my 7:30 meeting is apparently running late this morning (and hasn’t bothered to let me know that). I love punctual people. #
  • it’s already been a heck of a morning … trying to fix this bug so we can re-roll out this application for testing. #
  • trying to figure out how I can watch/follow Tiger’s playoff this afternoon …starts at 11:30 #
  • @steelopus Excellent. Thanks for the link! #
  • I’m apparently unable to control my body temperature today…I’m either sweating or freezing cold. #
  • listening to the US Open playoff …hopefully Tiger’s knee holds up. #
  • stream to watch the US Open playoffs if you aren’t near a tv. #
  • awesome…severe thunderstorm with nickel-size hail supposed to hit just in time for me to go (outside) to lunch. #
  • @steelopus grab the feed from …no lag at all. #
  • Tiger goes up by 2 strokes … not a good sign for Rocco. #
  • I love how they feel the need to apologize for “god damnit” on tv. It’s not the worst thing they could say. #
  • Rocco is going to win this. He seems to want this a lot more than Tiger does. #
  • “It’s a Tiger shot” …wow…holy s**t that was an insane shot #
  • all but 1 of the Tweets on my screen right now about about the US Open … 12 of the 13. πŸ™‚ #
  • I wish they would finish this …I gotta leave work in 15 minutes, and I know I’m going to have to speed home to catch the very end of this #
  • I love how when Tiger knows it’s a good drive he doesn’t even need to look …he just hits it and then starts walking. #
  • damn it, video and audio just froze …right as Tiger was driving. damn it! #
  • just died …geez, I guess a few (thousand) people just loaded the streaming video #
  • and it all comes down to if Tiger can putt to tie this up…crazy day of golf #
  • *knock on wood* …can you imagine if Tiger nails the eagle, and then Rocco misses the putt. Game over. #
  • sudden death it is …wow, what a day of golf. #
  • game, set, match. Rocco is done. #
  • Stripping in the car… too damn hot. #
  • Tiger won right? Someone please DM y or n #
  • uh ok, installed Flock 2.0 beta 1 and Vista could no longer boot …um….ok? #
  • @ScrnShots Excellent. You guys might consider adding a link to your website in your Twitter profile… any linkage is good linkage! #
  • what a day. what a **cking day. #
  • @flocker no idea what happened. I installed it, computer locked up, rebooted and Windows wouldn’t boot, restored to this morning, ok now #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-15

  • @andrewbadera I’m aware. I’ve been to the original Nick’s location several times. Nothing beats the original! #
  • I think I may be sick. I was trying to blame my allergies, but this feels more like a cold. damn it. #
  • @andrewbadera the funny thing is that most people probably think you’re kidding πŸ˜‰ It’s funny because it’s true. #
  • definitely sick and definitely not happy about it. #
  • doing yardwork + being sick = suck. I’d rather be watching Tiger Woods hopefully win another tournament #
  • grabbing some much needed lunch and flopping on the couch for a bit. #
  • lo que sea … sure glad I made the effort. #
  • watching some golf, reading a bit, hoping I can stay up for the entire NBA finals game 5 tonight #
  • just finished my 7th book of the still young summer. (finished The Road, continue to read Life is Pi) #
  • Does anyone actually use a toolbar in their web browser? If so, which one(s)? They just waste space in my opinion. #

Review: The Road

The Road
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
ISBN: 0307387895
The book is available on Amazon
I was hoping for a very dark post apocalyptic novel when I purchased The Road, but instead I found what felt like a half-hearted attempt at the genre. To be honest the entire story didn’t feel all that dark, hopeless, or even post apocalyptic. McCarthy repeatedly mentions the ever present ash, the ash snowfall, the ash dyed rain, etc etc …but this gets old after the first 100 pages. The dialogue is interesting if only because it’s short, choppy, and very much to the point. It may be important just to note that Cormac McCarthy is the writer of the now famous “No Country for Old Men” novel turned Hollywood blockbuster.
[xrr rating=3/5]

Review: The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides
The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
ISBN: 0446670251
The book is available on Amazon
After recently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides I was anxious to read another book he had written.The Virgin Suicides continues in much the same style of sarcasm and biting social commentary, while remaining very approachable to the casual reader. The point of these reviews aren’t to give away the plot because that wouldn’t do anyone any good. So I will simply say that this was an interesting, relatively quick, and enjoyable read. The ending left a bit to be desired, but I’m beginning to realize that I happen to be extremely picky about what constitutes a good ending to a novel.
[xrr rating=3/5]

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-14

  • you know that feeling when you can tell a really big storm is about to break? Yeah, that would be this evening. #
  • @ScrnShots any word on that v0.8 of the Windows app? It’s kind of pointless to take screenshots with the white overlay… #
  • basically the least productive night of sleep ever… #
  • running errands this morning, and then hopefully doing virtually nothing for the rest of the day #
  • Old guy with no personal bubble… A little creepy. #
  • going to see the new Indiana Jones movie this afternoon (yeah, I know, finally) #
  • @deemanuk It’s a cheap matinee so I thought I’d just go see it on the big screen πŸ™‚ #
  • Personally I don’t mind rainy weekends. Today’s a rainy grey Saturday and I’m perfectly content with that. #
  • watching the Red Sox game #
  • it’s 71 right now, but with 97% humidity…wow, that is digusting. #
  • @andrewbadera we do have some great wings in WNY πŸ˜‰ Then again we do have a good trash plate as well (Do you know what that is?) #
  • @andrewbadera there is a garbage plate from Nick’s, and then there is a trash plate from Hot’s πŸ˜‰ essentially the same thing though. #

Twitter Posts for 2008-06-13

  • 10 invites available for …let me know if you’re interested. #
  • Google vs. Yahoo vs. MySpace vs. Facebook vs. Live page views comparison …interesting stuff. Yahoo wins, duh. #
  • Record your browsing history …it’s like recording a macro of your browsing. Could be helpful I guess? #
  • starting a new book: The Road by Cormac McCarthy …pretty good so far, his style of writing is a little quirky though #
  • @jowyang I feel like Spore is going to be one of those “way too many possibilities” games where it actually ends up not being very fun #
  • Celtics look lazy and very off this evening so far. #
  • maybe the Celtics will surprise me and come back to win, but I seriously doubt it. THinking about a relatively early bedtime. #
  • geez, and the Celtics have stormed back…I guess that means I need to stay up and watch the game huh? #
  • holy shit the Celtics came back to win. 3-1 baby! Now we wait until Sunday… #
  • here’s hoping it’s a quiet Friday πŸ™‚ #
  • @DougH The Kobe-haters will have a field day with that comment #
  • I’ve had good luck this year in sports: Red Sox fan, Celtics fan (*knock on wood*, and a Giants fan πŸ™‚ #
  • No offense intended, but why would I follow someone back who doesn’t speak English (often at least)? #
  • @edythemighty Esto es verdad, pero no le entiendo cualquier manera. (I’m sure the babelfish butchered that translation) #
  • Woohoo! Finally a good thunderstorm in Rochester! …now we just need some lightning and some torrential rain πŸ™‚ #
  • relatively useless website that tells you how many followers some has…or just got check #
  • shaping up to be a very very boring day at work. #
  • how long do you usually keep Firefox open? (While at work I have it open for a solid 8 – 8.5 hours straight) #
  • You might learn something about Blockquotes and Pullquotes …I certainly did. Great article. #
  • thinking about delaying lunch slightly so that when I get back it’ll be a bit closer to when I can finally leave work. #
  • @ruby yes, then Twhirl feels lonely the when you first load it up (as it’ll be empty) #
  • oh crap. potentially major bug/issue with the app we just rolled out …oh crap. #
  • son of a bitch. big problem just popped up…as in may need to scrap the entire roll out process. this is going to suck. #
  • forgot it was Friday the 13th. weird. #
  • anyone else needs an invite for Microsoft Live Mesh? #
  • what a fantastically shitty day it has turned into. #
  • playing with Windows 7 a little bit …interesting indeed. #
  • anyone else getting a certificate alert from Twhirl (via Twitter)? …weird. #