Twitter Posts for 2008-06-20

  • well that was stupid, I forgot to take out my contacts last night. #
  • going to be an awful day. 4 things to do in the next 57 mins (no way all get done), and then still unprepared for the rest of the day. oy #
  • Why do guys need to be douche bags to my “not girlfriend”? Seriously, just leave her the f**k alone. #
  • just a thought: name me one single time in the entire existence of human kind that cat calling actually got a guy laid. I’m waiting. #
  • @steelopus hah. I hate guys who do that bullsh*t. that irritates me to no end. do not disrespect women. #
  • I’ll just stop asking questions at this point. #
  • having an offline kind of night. #
  • Sleepy Brown ft Outkast – I Can’t Wait …amazing song, hot beat, and funny video. #