Twitter Posts for 2008-05-17

  • I’m surprised you can’t update your Facebook status via cell phone yet, or can you? #
  • @greggannicott Right, but I meant via text message (like how you can with Twitter). #
  • a 1TB drive is around $230 …a 750GB drive is $120? wtf? … I’d expect maybe $160-$170ish, but almost $100 more for another 250GB? #
  • @kriswert Thanks for the tip. I’ll add that to the column of why I should get a Blackberry 😛 #
  • Watching Romeo and Juliet….this certainly isn’t going to make me any less lonely. #
  • @unixfudotnet I’m a sucker for the scene where they first see each other through the aquarium …it gets me every time. #
  • making some dinner, maybe a little reading, maybe a little bit of the Red Sox game. #