Twitter Posts for 2008-01-25

  • Microsoft posts $16.37 Billion Revenue in Q2 …wow…um…not too bad huh? #
  • @Aubs did you try #
  • Is this really Windows 7 M1? who knows… looks pretty legit to me though. #
  • finally going to watch No Country For Old Men. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback so far..we shall see. #
  • No Country For Old Men is really quite boring…definitely not keeping my attention. going to bed. #
  • headed off to class (coffee is required first), hopefully it won’t be as long as expected, but we’ll see #
  • Things I hate: Awkwardly sized steps. Too small for 1 at a time, too large for 2 at a time. Drives me crazy! #
  • I think Gmail broke the Remember the Milk extension…anyone else notice that? #
  • Thank god for Facebook, and no — I’ll probably never utter that phrase again. #