Twitter Posts for 2008-01-08

  • I almost forgot about the college national championship was tonight. I suppose I’ll watch some of it. #
  • it seems I may be inheriting a black 2 door 2007 Honda Accord…needless to say I am thrilled! #
  • this looks to be a great game between Ohio State and LSU. Luckily I couldn’t care less about the outcome. #
  • tried to sleep in, only “slept in” by 20 minutes..ah well. #
  • There is definitely going to be a Mass Effect 2 …great game, weak ending. #
  • My school has decided not to offer POP access to email. Only webmail. Wow, that’s an impressively stupid decision. #
  • Who are you, and what did you do with my winter weather? 66 on January 8th? How very very odd. #