Twitter Posts for 2007-12-30

  • getting ready for the Pats vs Giants game…I don’t know who I want to see win. #
  • glad to see the Giants are going to make this a game. #
  • Dude if the Giants can pull this off…that would be insane. #
  • dear god … Moss and Brady are just ridiculous. This is an amazing game so far. #
  • If the Pats score here this game is just about over…(I hope). #
  • congrats to the Patriots…16-0 is damn impressive. #
  • going to watch Love Actually…finally, wanted to watch it for a month #
  • ripping a plethora of CDs for my mother …we’re talking about 50ish. ugh. #
  • upgrading to WordPress v2.3.2 …we’ll see what breaks this time… #

Interesting Links 12.30.07

It’s been another busy 2 weeks or two, but I’ve managed to find some interesting links to share. The link I’ll talk about is the “snorting a brain chemical” link … this sounds very very interesting, but I am sure it will turn out that some horrible side effects will show up as a result of not sleeping. It’s pretty widely accepted that we sleep for a very good reason. That reason might be memory consolidation or some type of brain repair (or countless other suggested ideas), but the underlying point is that it’s important. Either way, as they mentioned in the article, this won’t be available for humans for at least another 10 years anyways.

Twitter Posts for 2007-12-29

  • sleeping in definitely didn’t happen, but I managed to lay in bed for 30 minutes…close enough. #
  • Barnes and Noble, maybe the museum, back this afternoon. #
  • Headed to see “I Am Legend”, hopefully it’s as good as the previews. #
  • “I am Legend” …*shrugs* …it was ok, not bad, but not stellar. #
  • Snort this and you won’t need to sleep…weird stuff #
  • anyone suggest any Windows-based DVD-ripping software? (for my own DVD) #

Twitter Posts for 2007-12-28

  • Mass Effect just magically forgot the past 1 1/2 hours of gameplay…really not amused right now. #
  • sweet, just got invited into the Quicken Online Beta #
  • I can’t say much (NDA), but Quicken Online ….wow, really great so far. #
  • Watching Ice Age in HD…really quite entertaining. #
  • Dude, Scrat for Ice Age is my hero. I heart him. #
  • still made it to work 30 minutes early, doh! #
  • Gmail has reached 6100MB…not too shabby. Yes, I am only actually using 350MB of that. #
  • Deciding if I’ll renew my subscription. I listen to “My loved tracks” all the time. #
  • the weather today is gorgeous so far …hopefully the sun will stay out for us. #
  • My coffee addiction must be quite obvious: I keep receiving Starbucks gift cards. #
  • I may be able to escape this afternoon without having to sort mail *fingers crossed* #
  • the Quicken Online Beta team is VERY quick with the feedback/suggestions. I am impressed. #
  • Twitter makes me sad when it has a little heart attack. Luckily it’s back with a vengence. #

Twitter Posts for 2007-12-27

  • @Matthom McAdams totally…she’s smokin #
  • thinkin about going to bed early, really not feeling well #
  • encrypting my thumb drive (so that I feel better), and then headed off to bed. #
  • overslept…I REALLY hate being late. #
  • all kinds of things are breaking this morning…all at the same time. #
  • @Matthom you tried the CS3 clean script from Adobe? #
  • the girl a few desks down has yummy smelling garlic cheesy bread…smells soo good. #
  • listening to Weezer (blue album)…feeling like I am back in highschool, heh. #
  • home from work, making coffee, walking the dog #

Twitter Posts for 2007-12-26

  • Really can’t figure out why I am so tired, but I am certainly exhausted. Reading, definitely bedtime soon. #
  • is definitely worth checking out if you hate your currently voicemail system. #
  • going to work this early the day after Xmas kinda sucks #
  • Firefox 3 doesn’t work so great on my thumb drive …perhaps it’s the SQL lite backend. #
  • ok…I’ve already finished the 2 big things I had to do today…now what? #
  • today is going to be one of those days…no one is here, and I can’t get the info that I need. wonderful #
  • trying to look busy…for the next 4 hours. #
  • a job is a great diet. I skip lunch way more often when I am working than I would otherwise. #
  • it’s gorgeous outside…partly sunny, slight breeze, and 40ish..not bad for end of December. #
  • @Matthom I hear ya …I use all the time for ZDNet. #
  • jailbreaking my mother’s new iPod Touch. Confession: using her as a guinnea pig for the v1.1.1 to 1.1.2 upgrade process for my own Touch. #
  • Jailbreak the Touch from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 works, but it also wipes out all of your apps. Me thinks I’ll hold off. #
  • @Aubs what a badass, sharing music *tsk tsk* 😛 Nice list…I’ll check out the tunes later. #
  • @Aubs “Size too Small” – Sufjan Stevens …wow. amazing song. #

Twitter Posts for 2007-12-23

  • absolutely exhausted this evening. #
  • father’s family coming over this afternoon….this is always a bit interesting. #
  • Xmas with my father’s side of the family #
  • @sourjayne something tells me that you’re not feeling the “Christmas spirit” huh? 😛 #
  • my mother won $119 on 10 lotto tickets…not too bad, right? #