Tale of a News Anchor

In no subtle way can one deny he is fake
He will do or say anything just for the sake.
His opinion is wavering it meanders from side to side
He is no leader, just a weak member of the pride.
He blindly follows the others like a sheep
Headed towards the ledge like a lemming about to leap.
Unattractive, bald, short in stature and in mind
Surely an original idea in his head you won’t find.
His name isn’t important, but I think it might be Bob
Though you’ll soon forget because he is just one of the mob.
If you were to tell him the sky was falling
He wouldn’t ask why he would just start calling.
His friends, his family, and those he loved
He’d do all of this just because it came from above.
All of this misguided information comes from a sly Fox
Which is supposed to be a source of truth playing on the box.
They create lies, half truths, and twists of reality
Leading to a doomed march towards another fatality.
These acts are criminal, but who is accountable?
No one listens to logic, and finding the truth seems insurmountable.
Until we demand integrity, we must endure this turmoil
Even though most of us know this war was really about the oil.
I very rarely write things that rhyme. Rhyming just usually isn’t my thing, but I had to write this for a class and I think it actually turned out pretty well.

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