Quick Note: Sorry for Any Hassle

Just a very quick note regarding some updates/changes on the website. I’ve activated a few new counter spam measures due to the recent influx of comment spam that I have been seeing. First off, I’ve been using Askimet for a while now with pretty decent success, but it’s time to step up the protection. Next on the list is a new solution (to this blog at least) called Bad Behavior. Viewers shouldn’t see any kind of detrimental impact due to this particular plugin as it only blocks spam bots from accessing the site. If you are blocked for some reason (not that you’d even be able to read this post) please drop me an email. The final line of defense is reCAPTCHA. You’ll notice a red box when you try to leave a comment. This system works like the traditional CAPTCHA check in that you will need to enter the words that are randomly display to verify that you’re human. The twist comes from what happens with those words that you enter: they are fed back to the Internet Archive to increase the accuracy of there OCR processing. Pretty cool huh? I could have used a standard CAPTCHA, but I thought I’d try and help out in small part to a great cause (the Internet Archive project). In summary, I apologize for any inconvenience that these new systems might cause, but it was time to hopefully deal with those heartless, spineless, degenerate bastards (AKA spammers) once and for all.