Interesting Links 10.5.07

  • Colors of the Top 20 Magazine Covers -I’ve always been fascinated with the cover font color choices magazine editors make. …we thought we would look at some of the most iconic covers in history.
  • notMac Challenge – A free .Mac alternative. This is the winning application from a $8,000 competition.
  • Best of Screensavers -In fact, we don’t need screensavers any more, however we tend to use them as eye-candy for our coffee breaks.
  • Liveblogging the big iPhone 1.1.1 hack -By using symbolic links before doing a 1.1.1 upgrade, they were able to gain access to the entire 1.1.1 file tree.

The first link is pretty interesting in my opinion, but then again I am basically a typography nerd who finds this kind of thing cool. The notMac application has possibilities, but I’ve failed to get it up and running so far. Ideally you want to have a separate server to run this from, and then you connect using the client on your Mac. It has potential, but give it a month or two to mature a bit. Screensavers are always pretty, and as the article correctly points out: we really don’t even need screensavers any more, but people like eye candy as we all know. The final link regarding the iPhone v1.1.1 hack is interesting to me just because I have an iPod touch. In theory any hack for the iPod v1.1.1 would also result in a hack for my iPod touch…so that’s exciting. It’s a fairly handy device, but 3rd party applications would be incredibely useful (considering they intentionally maimed the calendar…no add event? really?).