Interesting Links 9.30.07

  • CSS Sprite Generator – a CSS Sprite is a single image file which contains several graphics. Using CSS background positions it’s possible to display any one of the graphics. By using a sprite you save on multiple http requests which helps speed up the rendering of your page.
  • How To Do How to Block your Cell Phone Number -There might be many reasons why you want to block your cell phone number from showing up on other people’s caller IDs. Whatever the reason is, it’s very simple to block your cell phone number.
  • Touchdev -This website is dedicated to finding additional uses for the iPod Touch by (legitimately) enabling its potential capabilities.
  • iPhone and iPod touch Application Gallery – is a gallery of over 500 applications built for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch with new apps added daily.

Just a few quick links, including several related to the iPod touch that I acquired recently. I am still holding out hope that hackers will figure out how to jailbreak the iPod touch in the near future. I know I mentioned that I’d write up this interesting article about neuron communication, but I got lazy…hopefully Tuesday night things will calm down in my schedule.