Interesting Links: 9.25.07

  • You convert it – Upload any format, image, documents, audio & video without buying or installing anything on your PC.
  • Mango – The first Free enterprise language learning course available on the Internet. Eleven of our courses are now available in our beta release.
  • Experiencing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta: Today Microsoft is releasing the Beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 1…
  • First look at Windows Vista SP1 (build 6001.16659) – Earlier today I downloaded the standalone installer for Windows Vista SP1 build 6001.16659 and installed it on a few systems to see what it was like…
  • MP3 Downloads – For starters, songs are priced at a low 89 cents on up to 99 cents with albums as low as $4.99. They’re also DRM-free in case you were wondering.
  • 5 Step Failsafe upgrade for WordPress – This is going to be very useful once I get the time to upgrade to WordPress v2.3

It’s amazing what you can do when you’re procrastinating the writing a paper and studying for a test. Anyways…enjoy the links. I have something very interesting to post last this week regarding how neurons avoid talking to themselves…very cool stuff.