Web 2.0 Changed how I use the Web

Here is a short list (with a brief description) of Web 2.0 sites I visit on a daily basis:

  • Box.net – simple and generous free file storage, easily share files as well.
  • CallWave – voicemail the way it should be, similar to the iPhone’s so-called visual voicemail, but CallWave has been around for years.
  • Jaiku – similar to Twitter, but also lets you pull it outside feeds. I use Jaiku as a life blog instead.
  • Jott – Jott has a wide variety of functions, but you can send yourself reminders, send email to other people, post to your blog, post to your Twitter page, post to Jaiku, etc
  • Toodledo – simple to-do lists without extra fluff that gets in your way. Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it also integrates into Google Calendar
  • Twitter– the original and the still the reigning champion for micro blogging. Does one thing (micro blogging) and does it very well, also has a better API better than any competitor.
  • Flickr – this almost doesn’t even need a description: easy, free, unlimited storage photo sharing/storage.
  • Google Calendar – I still prefer to use 30boxes, but the integration between Google Calendar and Gmail is pretty hard to beat.
  • Google Mail – I use Gmail, but not because I love it. Gmail is pretty much the best of the worst in my opinion.
  • Google Reader – Again, I prefer to read my RSS feeds elsewhere, but Google Reader’s integration with Gmail is though to beat.
  • Last.fm – track the music you listen to, see what friends are listening to, find new music, listen to a radio station custom made based on your music preferences
  • Netvibes – ful customizable webpage that lets you read all your RSS feeds in a single page, also several powerful addons to do other things like check mail, weather, Twitter.
  • Digg – Digg is one of those things that I hate to love. It’s a great site to find information, but I’d highly recommend not even looking at the comments for each posting…they are useless.
  • Streamy – I recently got into the private beta for this, and it’s great…just like Digg, but without most of the immature people (so far)

You get the point…Web 2.0 has pretty much changed the entire way I use the web today. Hate it or love it, Web 2.0 has been nothing short of dramatic.

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Changed how I use the Web

  1. Great list! But you forgot my favorite, Youmail. It’s very similar to Callwave (also free) but it allows for a much greater degree of personalization.

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