Review: 50 Cent – Curtis

50 Cent - Curtis
Don’t ask how, but I’ve acquired a copy of the new 50 Cent – Curtis album. It drops on September 11th (like Kanye’s new album). To put it briefly: the album isn’t very good. Lyrically it’s weak, but it has some banging beats. The album has a much “harder” sound to it, and because of that I don’t see many of these songs making it on the radio. I am actually surprised, to be honest, because this isn’t nearly as pop music-ish as I thought it would be. Either way it’s not very good. The only single that I can see making it on the radio would be “Ayo Technology”, and that’s because it’s insanely pop music-ish (it features Justin Timberlake).
Save your money.
Rating: (based on the “retail” album)
[xrr rating=2.5/5]