Interesting Links: 8.25.07

  • Vista Battery Saver: This tiny program will save up to 70% of your battery by disabling those nice, but greedy Vista features. Running in task bar …it will do all work for you, by enabling and disabling customizable features when power source changed or battery power fall under certain percent.
  • TubeStop for Firefox: TubeStop is an extension for Mozilla-based Web browsers that disables the autoplay on YouTube videos. This means that you can open multiple YouTube videos in tabs in the background without them auto-playing.

Yeah it’s been a slow week for links. Let me just point out that Vista Battery Saver is INCREDIBLY useful for anyone using Vista on their laptop. I usually get just around 2 hours of battery life on my laptop, but check out the image below that shows my battery life after installing this application. This wonderful app nearly doubled my battery life…no joke. TubeStop also disables the crappy advertisements that YouTube has now begun adding to it’s videos.
Vista Battery Saver

Twitter Posts for 2007-08-24

  • writing an angsty email to our Sharepoint provider. They’ve “dropped the ball”… #
  • early to bed, trying to get un-sick #
  • I don’t have much of a choice, I guess I am going to work this morning… #
  • headed to a very early dinner #

Twitter Posts for 2007-08-22

  • Wow, my glasses are seriously disgusting…time to clean them. #
  • Is alive again, but I don’t trust it. My best is that it’s a front…beware people. #
  • Definitely wanted to roll over and just go back to bed #
  • Pondering how I could go home “sick” from work today… ’cause it’s just one of those days. #
  • I’m a bad-ass, I am taking a sick day from work today. #
  • Flopping on the couch for some bad TV…I kind of like rainy grey days #
  • watching 300 in HD…amazing. #
  • generally feeling sick, laying on the couch, the usual “sick” stuff #

Twitter Posts for 2007-08-20

  • Watching pre-season Giants game, catching up on RSS feeds #
  • “But we’re at code red?” “Oh please, we’re at code red every time the president has loose stool” …Entourage tonight #
  • Wow…my company does not block secure sites (https), well I guess I can still get to Twitter and Gmail huh? #
  • Paramount studios switches to HD DVD, drops Blu-ray #
  • Retro Mac OS WP theme #

America's Best Colleges 2008

America’s Best Colleges 2008: National Universities:

To rank colleges and universities, U.S. News first assigns schools to a group of their peers, based on the basic categories developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in 2006.

I kind of figured Vassar would have made this list, but rumor has it they asked not to be included because they disagreed with the way USNews was “grading” schools. Who knows, interesting list anyways. Note: apparently Vassar is #11 for liberal arts colleges.

Twitter Posts for 2007-08-19

  • watched Forest Gump…I forgot how great that movie is. #
  • goal today: read 4 research articles…we shall see. #
  • Coffee – check, a little Sunday morning tv – check, time to be productive now #
  • Watching the Red Sox game, making some lunch #
  • 24″ LCD for $299 #
  • What joke. Israel turning away Darfur refugees #
  • Had has been had, time for some mindless television (because I refuse to be productive on a Sunday night) #

Twitter Posts for 2007-08-18

  • “I’m an Oriole fan, so I think the Yankees suck too…as long as someone beats the Yankees, I’m happy.” #
  • Gee look, Gagne is sucking like normal…good thing we got him. #
  • Cute, Red Sox got robbed. #
  • uh…um…Jessica Biel? #
  • …1008 Aston Martin DBS…vroom! #
  • At Barnes and Noble with my “stack” of PDF files I need to read through… #
  • Ok…I am already kind of bored of reading these articles. How am I going to read 65 of them? #
  • Yeah Ok. I give up for today….well that wasn’t very productive. #
  • headed out for some dinner #
  • MS Money 2007 does not even ask for a serial…um, warez much? #
  • watching some pre-season football with my dog. we’re very cool #