The Real "Fire Fox"

Rare Red Panda, or “Fire Fox”

This is the “other panda”, not the easily recognizable black-and-white kind. Red Panda is cuter than a cat, has a luxurious tail, resembles both a fox and a racoon, and is considered by many to be a living fossil. Only 2,500 individual animals can be found around the world, most in Asia (in Tibet), in well-known zoos, and a “select” few as fashionable Japanese pets. In China the Red Panda is also sometimes known as “Fire Fox”, a familiar name to everyone who uses the internet.

I just thought everyone should see this, in case they haven’t seen it before. I present to you, the real Fire Fox. I like the fact that the article describes him as having “a luxurious tail”. I thought that was pretty funny. Ain’t he cute?