Automate computer settings by network with Net Profiles

Automate computer settings by network with Net Profiles

Windows only: Freeware application Net Profiles lets you automate tasks—like mapping network drives or switching the default printer—based on the network your computer is currently connected to.

Every once in a while you come across an application that fits so perfectly into a need that you have. For anyone with a laptop, this one is for you. Using this handy little application (that is free by the way), you setup each of your “profiles” one time, and after that it is as simple as double clicking the profile in the future. What does this profile include? It includes your network settings, your default printer settings, any mapped network drives you have, and it can even change your display settings (wallpaper, icons, resolution).
Think about it: you’re at home with your wallpaper, your icons, your lower resolution (so you can actually see things), your printer, and your custom home network settings including your home network shares. Now you have to take your laptop to work. Click one button and your work wallpaper, icons, resolution (higher resolution = productivity right?), printer, and custom network settings including work network shares are instantly swapped.
It just works that wonderfully.