Twitter Posts for 2007-06-30

  • Ubuntu Gutsy (Flight 2) is VERY impressive. Quick, beautiful, and easy to use #
  • Definitely a little more sick this morning…ick. Busy day of shopping (ick), and fixing this damned laptop #
  • Played with an iPhone at the mall, really not impressed. Smudged to all hell after 1 minute of using it. #
  • Back from the mall, it was quite productive, still workin on this laptop #
  • New site design…very odd. I don’t know if I like it or not though. #
  • Twitter Poll: Do you type on your cell with your thumbs or finger tip? #

Twitter Posts for 2007-06-29

  • I have a really nasty cough, ick. At least I don’t have a sore throat though *knocks on wood* #
  • Oh my god… Jessica Beil #
  • wow, um WMP11 just magically fixed itself. Well that’s nice (and odd). #
  • Wow, webmail with AIM builtin. Very cool #
  • @Adora : Have any invites for this Mister Wong beta? #
  • How many iPhone whores will be unhappy tonight? (Quick a few). My college messed up my social security # info, and it’s my problem to fix.. #
  • It’s official: the iPhone is the most over-hyped, over-priced, under-featured electronic device of the decade. #
  • Who else is sick of all this mindless iPhone mumbling? #
  • Wow, …proof the iPhone sucks. Read everything it is missing. #
  • I drove by my local AT&T store, and there is one guy sitting out front. How pathetic #
  • trying to fix someone’s laptop …boy is this thing a mess. #
  • Really getting annoyed with Vista. Moving back to XP is a possibility #

Week In Review: 6/28/2007

It’s been a rather interesting week for several peculiar reasons. Obviously the biggest thing happening this week for me has been my first experience with jury duty. On a similar note (obviously), I also experienced my first trial. Work has been remarkably busy after the trial was over, and then Monday morning I start my new internship. So yeah…
I guess it’s not an odd idea to think that being a juror in a trial would be slightly intimidating. That is exactly what it is, and I wasn’t even on a really “serious” case. Obviously without much detail, I was a juror on a DWI case this past Monday and Tuesday. I lucked out because the trial only lasted 1.5 days, but I feel like I got a good sense for what a trial “feels” like. The process is interesting to be a part of, and to observe. Although the judge actually made a joke or two during the jury selection which definitely helped to lighten the mood. I will not be anxious to get that wonderful jury duty summons in the mail next time, but at least I know what to expect now. I did my part, I “played my role in the justice system”. heh…we’ll see how fast 6 years go by now.
As I said, work has been very busy. I don’t know why I feel like I have significantly more to do than I did when I was gone for an entire week on vacation. How does that work out? I am gone for 2 days, I have a ton of work. I am gone for a week, I don’t have all that much. Very odd.
On a totally different note, Windows Live Folders started it’s private beta on Wednesday of this week. I was one of the 5,000 people to get into the beta test for it, so I guess that means I am lucky. That being said, Windows Live Folders in its current form is very basic, and definitely lacking in terms of features. Here is a quick example, this is my Public Live Folder with files I am sharing. An example of basic features that are not implemented yet, if you upload an image you’d think the site would automatically create a thumbnail of an image. This, however, is not the case. The same goes for a music file. You’d think that if you upload an mp3 file you’d get some kind of embedded audio player to listen to the file. Again, this is not the case though. It’s a start, but I really hope (for their own sake) that they plan on adding a plethora of features that are not in this current version. Not to mention, 500MB of storage is nothing these days. If they plan on impressing anyone they will need to offer a minimum of 5GB+ for free, and ideally they should just go with Yahoo’s “unlimited” storage model. The final key thing that is missing is a desktop application for accessing this storage space. Ideally, they need to make Live Folder space seamless with the desktop. When you go to “My Computer” (Win XP) or “Computer” (Vista) the Live Folder should be displayed right there. It should look, act, and be nearly indistinguishable from a normal local hard drive. I really believe this is just about the only way to get “normal” people using this. They will definitely not make the effort to login to a web site, manually browse for the files, and then upload them to their Live Folder. It will not happen, that I guarantee you.
I am beyond intimidated by this internship. As far as I know, I will be working on redesigning the user interface for some kind of medical application. Now the obvious question, do I really know how to do that? I am sure I’ll be ok once I sit down, look at things, and perhaps receive a bit of instruction. Right now it just feels really scary though. Scariness aside, I am excited to start on Monday.

Fighting Spam with CSS

Fighting Spam with CSS

I had this problem a few months ago with my old site, and was thus forced to find a solution that was light-weight, easy to implement, and most importantly was effective. I decided to turn toward my friend CSS to help me out. The idea here is setting up a form with a text field and via CSS making it invisible. Then, if a post is sent to a php script handling the request and that text box has information in it, that means a human didn’t fill it out, and the script is simply aborted.

Interesting, and surprisingly simple method for blocking most comment spam. This will be the most likely solution if I run into any comment spam problems here.

'Daily Show' mocks Cheney's 'secret secrets'

‘Daily Show’ mocks Cheney’s ‘secret secrets’

“Dick Cheney exists neither in the executive branch nor the legislative, yet simultaneously in both,” ‘Daily Show’ correspondent John Oliver adds. “He is neither man nor beast, yet has elements of the twain. He is at once everything and nothing, substance without form, shape without motion, time without reason… he is the Highlander.”

This is really funny. Unfortunately, I can’t quite track down the info to embed the video. So check the link for the video.

Twitter Posts for 2007-06-25

  • Sometimes you hear a song that you just have to bob your head to… #
  • The new Plaxo is VERY impressive. Sync with Google Cal, Yahoo Cal, Outlook, etc #
  • @Scobleizer : Everyone can try the new Plaxo right now. It’s a huge step in the right direction. #
  • Amazing net profile application for any laptop user. AND, it’s free. #
  • Wow, check out the % increase in sales of Lumines. Maybe it has to do with 🙂 #
  • Amusing pictures of the day. 14,600% increase in sales…gee, why could that be? #
  • Hah, silly admins try to block Twitter…Tor owns you! #
  • So I am at jury duty. I was selected for a trial which means I’ll be here for at least 2 days. They try to limit our internet. grr… #
  • Apparently jury duty is a good place to meet girls… #
  • Why is it so freakin hard to find a music playing application that does not suck?! #
  • @twitter_mosaic : hah, I found myself in the mosiac! very cool 🙂 #

Twitter Posts for 2007-06-24

  • Well that’s cute, WMP11 just decided it will not let me skip to the next track…for no apparent reason. #
  • Ok, that’s awesome. They just played Deftones as the intro for the baseball game…very cool. #
  • Trying to figure out how productive I actually want to be today #
  • Yeah, not so productive today. Oh well #
  • Why the hell am I cursed? WMP11 just stopped working for no reason last night, and now IE7 refuses to work with Flash? What the hell? #
  • 1. Flash broke itself in IE7, 2. I noticed my water cooling leaked, 3. WMP11 still does not work. — Who the fuck did I piss off today? #