Lost Redux: Damon Lindelof Reveals Why Charlie Died and More

Lost Redux: Damon Lindelof Breaks “Radio Silence” to Reveal Why Charlie Died and More
I try to avoid these kind of postings to hide my obsession with Lost, but I found this one to be particularly interesting for anyone vaguely curious about the show. Of special interest:

The role of Jacob has been cast.
False? Okay, interesting. People were having all sorts of interpretations of what he looked like.
You do see a guy, but…I’m still sticking to my false.
The Others are in danger of extinction.
Alex is actually Ben’s biological daughter.

The bit about Jacob is very interesting considering 1. they showed someone in the episode with Jacob (so who the hell was that guy?), and 2. Rumor has it that Season 4 will focus on Jacob (so it’s interesting they haven’t cast anyone for that role yet).
Ok, I am done making my obsession quite so obvious, I’ll go back into hiding again.