Top 10 New Features in Windows Server 2008

Top 10 New Features in Windows Server 2008

“So if there’s a corruption detected someplace in the data structure, an NTFS worker thread is spawned,” Russinovich explained, “and that worker thread goes off and performs a localized fix-up of those data structures. The only effect that an application would see is that files would be unavailable for the period of time that it was trying to access, had been corrupted. If it retried later after the corruption was healed, then it would succeed. But the system never has to come down, so there’s no reason to have to reboot the system and perform a low-level CHKDSK offline.”

I usually don’t write about enterprise-related information because, honestly, usually I find it boring. For the heck of it the other day I was reading something at BetaNews when I came across this article. I am a beta tester for Windows Longhorn (AKA Windows Server 2008), but as you might gather I am not exactly the most technical beta tester they have for this.

Anyways, I thought this particular feature was quite useful and hopefully this is one of the features that get rolled into Vista when they release SP1 (including the kernel update) in Q2 2007. Anything Microsoft can do to reduce the number of restarts would be great.