Mobile Web Development Resources

So I have recently been charged with developing a mobile version of our office website and/or our IDX (search for available homes) web search. After quite a bit of searching and reading I collected several good resources for mobile web development. I figured these might be useful to someone else at some point so I thought I’d share them.

  • WCSS (WAP CSS) Introduction -WCSS (WAP Cascading Style Sheet or WAP CSS) is the mobile version of cascading style sheet. It is a subset of CSS2 (the cascading style sheet language of the World Wide Web) plus some WAP specific extensions.
  • XHTML Mobile Profile – a rather hideous, but very useful, collection of which XHTML tags work on mobile devices (WAP).
  • XHTML Mobile Profile / XHTML MP Tutorial -a slightly more attractive and approachable version of the XHTML Mobile Profile. Just like above, a valuable resource to have.