Twitter Posts for 2007-05-07

  • Spent most of the day coding. Moving my site to a new CMS and working on a “new” design for that site when it launches… #
  • I am pretty happy with how the new site is coming along. Definitely time for bed. #
  • it looks like it will be a semi-busy Monday #
  • new site is progressing. Just about ready to move over my roughly 1,000 entries…we’ll see how that goes. #
  • Hack TwitBin: Right Click a link, then left click to open in same window. #
  • Tweetr (Apollo app) is nice, but still very basic. Needs option to minimize to tray (with notifications). Good start though… #
  • reading, hot tub, making some tea, just generally relaxing. (no coding tonight, ok just a little). #