Twitter Posts for 2007-05-31

  • The announcer just called it an “air tag” …lol. #
  • definitely time to pull Dice K tonight…not pitching so hot. #
  • My thoughts on Microsoft Surface. #
  • 15 hits so far against the Sox…this is disgusting #
  • Slamming on the F5 following the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs talk here: #
  • definitely time for bed. #
  • Every damn thing has broken this morning in the office. Can’t I have a calm day before I leave? Yeesh! #
  • Remarkably busy day so far, hopefully the afternoon calms down a little bit. #
  • Washing clothes, getting packed, doing some research (yes, I am trying to be productive). #

Twitter Posts for 2007-05-30

  • I am going to give AIM Beta v6.2 another shot…otherwise it’s back to Pidgin #
  • Ok, not a great start for AIM…the installer appears to be hangining. No way it should take nearly 10 minutes otherwise… #
  • Top Secret Microsoft Launch at 12:01 AM this evening/morning. Consider me interested. #
  • How wonderful, the AIM installer won’t work now…this ain’t lookin too hot… #
  • Finally got the damned thing installed (AIM Beta v6.2), definitely still not impressed. #
  • The AIM/Twitter mashup plugin is a very clumsy integration. #
  • @scobleizer Wow, you must actually have a life. I knew that bit of info a few hours ago. #
  • trying to decide how badly I want to stay up for this Microsoft launch. It’s a freaking table! #
  • Microsoft Surface: rather boring name, but pretty cool idea. #
  • CBS buys Wow does that suck for all of us… #
  • Very busy afternoon. #
  • flippin exhausted #

Microsoft Surface Thoughts

I didn’t want to clutter the previous post (the one with all the videos) will my thoughts so I figured I’d write this separately. I will just start off with this, Microsoft Surface is ridiculously cool. Not only is this technology cool and interesting, it will also be very useful.
Side note: My big dream job is working on ways to improve the human/computer interaction because frankly, it sucks right now. The way in which people interact with computers is so far from intuitive that it’s almost laughable considering the kind of technology we now have available to us.
What I previously said leads me to say this, I think this Surface technology is a HUGE step in the right direction for improving this human/computer interaction. I’ll base most of my comments on the videos posted in the previous post so if you’re confused then watching a few of those videos may help to illuminate what I’m talking about.
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Music site bought by CBS

Music site bought by CBS

Music site bought by CBS logo connects users who share the same music tastes Social music site has been bought by US media giant CBS Corporation for $280m (£140m), the largest-ever UK Web 2.0 acquisition.

This REALLY sucks. I think we all know that CBS will effectively destroy There is very little doubt that won’t make enough money for CBS in its current form and therefore will undergo major changes that will promptly destroy the thriving community that has flourished there.
What a sad day. I guess it’s time to start looking for a new company/site similar to because it’s only a matter of time before CBS destroys it.
Update: For whatever it’s worth, here is the letter I just sent to several people at CBS:

To Whom It Concerns,
On behalf of the millions of users of Last.FM, we beg you, please do not destroy the website and community we have all come to love. If you make significant changes to the currently thriving community you will see millions of your newly acquired customers/users leave in a mass exodus. This is coming from a long time dedicated user, please do not destroy the site we have come to love.

Twitter Posts for 2007-05-29

  • Kevin Youkilis just had an inside the park homerun…that was crazy! #
  • listening to tunes, packing up my Dash (*wipes away the tear*). I’m returning it tomorrow… #
  • Nothing like a little Billie Holiday before bed #
  • I get the distinct impression some people just like to hear themself talk. They don’t even say anything useful, they just talk for no reason #
  • Busy day…wow, that went VERY fast. After work I have to return my phone, and then head to the gym…. #
  • Absolutely gorgeous weather here…maybe about 75, sunny, and a light breeze. Good thing the day went by fast…I wanna go play in the sun. #

Hellgate London Information Galore

The Unofficial Hellgate London Forums @ Mega Report 1/4

The Unofficial Hellgate London Forums @ Mega Report 2/4

The Unofficial Hellgate London Forums @ Mega Report 3/4

The Unofficial Hellgate London Forums @ Mega Report 4/4
Unfortunately, you need to have an account at this site to read the reviews (I just realized this), but if you’re at all interested in this game it is worth it. Tons of information about what sounds like it could be a great game (that will be quite proficient at sucking away countless hours of my life, ala Diablo 2).