Untitled 4.26.07

It sucks when you don’t know know what you apparently did wrong. As seems to be a growing trend in my life, shit just stops working for absolutely no apparent reason. It is funny the parallels that can be drawn from computers to real life (on occasion). I had recently “rediscovered” a particular application two months ago. I hadn’t touched it in nearly a year, but this past month I began to think it was the best thing since sliced bread. This is before yesterday. Yesterday the application decided it did not feel like working any longer. Either it was sick of me, or I said something stupid to it, or the planets were aligned, whatever. Clearly something changed though, and now something I had just started getting used to being their again was magically gone in the blink of an eye. I guess it would be far more frustrating for someone other than me though. I am getting to the point that I almost expect shit to just stop working irregardless of what I do. Hah, a bit of cruel humor for my life. The phone just rang (and scared the crap out of me), and of course I thought it was you. Yeah right, my life never works like that.